Benefits of Yoga for Pregnant Women

July 06, 2021 17:24
Benefits of Yoga for Pregnant Women

Benefits of Yoga for Pregnant Women:- Pregnancy happens to be an important phase in every woman's life. Women are left under stress with a lot of beautiful emotions along with excitement and happiness. Their moods swing so frequently and one has to be extra cautious because of the hormonal changes in the body. With a lot of physical changes happening, there would be a lot of discomfort and fatigue in them. Yoga is one stress relief and it helps pregnant women in may ways. Yoga keeps the body and mind calm, relaxed and healthy. Yoga even helps a woman to recover on a speeder note post-delivery. Here are five yoga asanas that will be a great help for pregnant women:

Triyaka Tadasana:

Stand erect and keep the feet wider. Lock the fingers and raise the hands, turn the palms upward. Take a deep breath and bend your waist while breathing out. Hold the posture and breath normally. Repeat this on the other side. Triyaka Tadasana stretches the waistline and makes the body, spine more flexible. It is a relief for back pain.


Stand straight and spread the legs 3-4 feet apart. Turn the right foot for 90 degrees and the left foot by 15e inward. Raise the arms while inhaling and while exhaling bend the right knee. Push down on the pelvis and maintain the position through normal breathing. Repeat the same on the other side. Virabhadrasana releases stress from the arms and the shoulders. It will strengthen your legs, arms and lower back.


Stand on the knees. Bend forward and keep the palms below the shoulders in front of the knees on the ground. Lift the head up and place the lower back down. Lift the back and bend down the head. Repeat this ten times. Marjariasana makes the spine flexible and supports the weight during pregnancy. Marjariasana also improves blood circulation.


Sit straight and stretch your legs forward. Bend the knees and join the feet together. Hold the feet firmly. Bring the heels to your genitals. Keep your elbows on one of your thighs. Press the thighs and knees down towards the floor and move up. Baddhakonasana relaxes the inner thighs and makes them flexible. It will make them smooth.


Lie down straight with the back straight. Keep the legs apart and hands away from the body. Keep the palms up. Close the eyes and keep the body relaxed. Breathe slowly and keep the mind blank without any thoughts. Stay on this position for ten minutes. Shavasana helps to keep your body in a meditative state and relieves from stress. Shavasana also reduces blood pressure, anxiety and insomnia.

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