Yoga And Meditation Can Increase Your Immunity

April 02, 2020 16:17
Yoga And Meditation Can Increase Your Immunity

Yoga And Meditation Can Increase Your Immunity:- A study revealed that the practise of yoga and meditation would increase the immunity in your body. This happens through lowering the stress hormones in your body. Yoga and meditation rescues the human immune system. Yoga also conditions the respiratory tract and stimulates the lymphatic system by removing the toxins from the body. The study also proves that meditation for 20 minutes on regular basis can increase the endorphins (good chemicals) and decrease the cortisol levels (that can reduce stress). Here are some of the best practises:

Chakrasana helps to expand your chest and helps the lungs get more oxygen. The practise is a huge help for asthma patients. It also reduces the stress and sharpens your eye sight. Chakrasana also reduces the fat in the abdomen. It brings positive energy and removes tiredness. Chakrasana is not suggested for those who are suffering from back injury or spine related problems.


Dhanurasana helps to burn the belly fat and strengthen the abdominal muscles. It also makes your spine flexible and reduces constipation. It should be avoided if you have injured shoulders, back or neck. Pregnant women should avoid Dhanurasana.


Try to wake up early and try yoga, meditation in sunlight. This helps to soak up all the health benefits.

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