How can yoga get rid of Acidity?

June 15, 2021 17:50
How can yoga get rid of Acidity?

How can yoga get rid of Acidity?:- Acidity is an ailment that develops when the stomach has much of acid. Late food intake or food breakdown generates acid that is caused by the stomach and the acid production of the stomach goes overboard because of which acidity takes place. Proper chewing of food, stopping smoking and drinking enough water are essential for those who are suffering with acidity. Else the conditions may turn worse. Yoga will help you big time to reduce the acidity in the digestive system and treat the acid reflux. Several studies that are published in the National Institutes of Health said that practicing yoga will clear all the digestive disorders like acid reflux and will get rid of acidity.

Forward bend position in yoga promotes the better functioning of the abdominal organs. This also helps in regulating the menstrual cycle. This asana also reduces the abdominal fat. Plough pose or Hala increases the strength and flexibility of the spinal muscles. This also improves digestion and helps in weight reduction. Vajrasana can be practised after lunch or dinner and is the best for treating acidity. This reduces bloating and prevents abdominal discomfort. Pavanamuktasana can heal the digestive issues like gas and constipation. It also reduces the stress in the lower back. Ushtrasana helps to stimulate the abdominal organs.

Also, it is advised for people suffering with acidity to avoid eating so much. Eat modest portions in a day instead of or two large meals.

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