Food and drinks to prevent during Pregnancy

March 26, 2022 17:16
Food and drinks to prevent during Pregnancy

Food and drinks to prevent during Pregnancy:- A pregnant woman has to be extra cautious as there would lot of stress during the period. Every food and exercise is very important during this phase. The entire family will be eagerly waiting for the arrival of the new family member. The medical care was limited in the olden days and the critical care is now modernized. Here are five common pregnancy myths explained by a doctor:

You have to eat for two people: The pregnant woman has to eat for two souls. The baby gets the nutrients from her mother but the pregnant woman should not take unreasonably high amounts of calories. Doctors are advising her to take 2000 calories per day until the third semester. 200 calories are more can be added before the delivery phase.

Can she take Papaya?: There are talks that eating papaya will lead to miscarriage. There is no hard when the pregnant woman takes a ripe papaya. The semi-ripe and unripe papaya should be avoided. The unripe papaya contains enzymes that can cause contractions in the uterus. This increases the chance of miscarriage.

The impact of Caffeine: Coffee contains caffeine and a high intake of caffeine may lead your heart to beat faster. Too much coffee is bad for health and it can also lead to nervousness and anxiety. Some of the doctors say that the moderate amount of caffeine is safe for pregnant women. High intake is linked to the growth and the development of the baby.

Weird Cravings: Not all the pregnant women will have urgent or strange cravings. They are triggered by hormonal changes in the body. If you crave inedible things like clay, mud, laundry detergent or dirt, consult your doctor.

Morning sickness: Morning sickness can happen at any time of the day. It brings a sensation of vomiting. In most of them it happens around 6 weeks of pregnancy. The remedies are taking Vitamin B-6 and ginger tea. A relaxed walk for 30-45 minutes can make the situation normal.

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