Yoga Asanas To Cure Acidity

July 23, 2022 20:09
Yoga Asanas To Cure Acidity

Yoga Asanas To Cure Acidity:- Acidity is mostly caused by consuming oily and spicy food. Over consumption of tobacco, alcohol and caffeine too leads to acidity. A good and enough sleep can reduce the acidity to some extent. Too much stress can increase the acidity problem. Restlessness, heartburn, burping, stomach ache, constant belching and constipation are the symptoms of acidity. Yoga can be a simple and effective way to cure acidity. The asanas of yoga can cure acid reflux and they can strengthen the digestive system and boost metabolism. Here are some yoga asanas that can curre acidity:

Vajrasana or the Thunderbolt asana: This pose will regulate the flow of blood to the stomach and the intestines so that the digestion will take place properly. Sit in an erected position with both the legs folded simultaneously and place your hands on the thighs.

Pavanmuktasana or the Wind relieving asana: This is called as boat pose that will stimulate the bowel movement and it brings a relief to constipation. You will not feel bloated after this asana. Lie on your back and fold the legs. Press your thighs when you clasp the wrist. Bend your neck towards the knee and touch the forehead with the knee. Relax your breath.

Nadi Shodhan Pranayama or alternate nostril breathing asana: This will give a relief for the stress and anxiety which leads to acidity. Practise this in the morning with an empty stomach. Sit in an erected position and keep your left hand on the left knee. Keep your palms open and keep the index finger on the left nostril. Press the thumb down and breathe through the right nostril. Repeat the same with your right finger and hand. Take some rest and continue the same for 20-25 minutes.

Uttarasana or Camel asana: This relieves the back pain that is caused due to the gas. It also improves blood circulation and good for maintaining a good posture. Put your knees with the shoulders and inhale deeply. Arch your back and slide your palms till the arms turn straight.

Kapaal Bhati or Skull shining asana: This cures the digestive and stomach disorders. Sit straight and take a deep breath. Pull your navel back towards the spine when you exhale. Do it comfortably.

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