Are you concerned about your health?

January 02, 2013 19:34
Are you concerned about your health?

In today's World of Multi tasking and Women being looked upon as better multi taskers, it is quite natural that We end up having the negative effects of multi tasking as well... and that is the diseases we will be surviving with, due to improper care of our health... want to know what are those health concerns that question our peace of mind? Here are they;

Breast Cancer: one of the most common problems amongst many women today... do you know, at least 1 percent of deaths are caused because of breast cancer... while women are more prone to be affected by this, Men are no exception as well. If we have known why this rules our health, our Doctors would have found a vaccination by this time, as they did for cervical Cancer... but, preventive measures of taking good care of our health, complete body check up frequently, a healthy life style and peace of mind is what that can make us stay away from breast cancer.

Stroke:  There is no doubt about that women in today’s world are becoming a little bit conscious about their health, but still they should pay some attention. Even aware of their health issues, they are not having time to spend for themselves. Especially working women.  Lack of exercise, junk food, work tension and lack of diet control are the reasons for stroke in women. The only two diseases that men and women in today’s world are suffering with are diabetes and hypertension which lead to stroke.   

POD: Most common disease that many ladies facing regarding reproductive organs is polycystic ovarian disease.  This occurs due to endocrine disorders in females.  Especially, in women between 12-45 years. This is nothing but formation of many cysts in the ovaries, which affects women's ability to conceive.

FSAD:  Everybody knows that safe sex is important in one's life. But common problem shared among women is no sexual arousal especially after 50's.

Anyways, to overcome all these issues in women, they should find out some time for themselves, go for regular checkups, avoid improper diet habits like junk food, should be under proper medication and should maintain neatness.   Should not forget to do exercise daily at least half-an-hour.

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