• morning walk, iron, simple ways to be healthy, Vitamins

    Simple ways to be healthy... 13 December 2012

    Being healthy is not so difficult... just as you should know the technique to solve a problem, no matter to what genre it is related, similarly, you should know some tips to be healthy... here are some to help you...

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    proteins, healthy food, what to eat to be healthy, Vitamins

    What to eat to be healthy? 07 March 2013

    Office work, household work and day to day work, all these are to be attended by us every day. If we are working so much, it is our basic responsibility to eat right, to keep our body fit and healthy....

    Keywords: eating nuts, health tips, stay fit, stay fit

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    iron, kharjur in water, 1 food item n number of uses, Vitamins

    1 food item... n number of uses 13 March 2013

    You cannot afford to buy fruits and store it for more than a week. This is because any other fruit has a tendency to lose its freshness within 3 to 4 days. But Kharjur is not so. And if compared...

    Keywords: kharjur, eat kharjur, vitamins, kharjur

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    exercise, extra weight, super woman but are you healthy, Vitamins

    Super woman... but are you healthy? 15 December 2012

    Be a working woman or a home maker... Woman is known for managing and attending multiple things at a time... and as a result, we need extra care to be taken when it comes to our health... apart from following...

    Keywords: vitamins, daily breakfast, calcium, healthy diet

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    Peanuts, Peanuts, peanuts reduces death risk, Vitamins

    Peanuts reduces death risk 12 June 2015

    Peanuts can protect against early death from cancer and heart disease, studies prove.According to the ‘Maastricht University,’ Netherlands study prove that, 10g of nuts or peanuts (not peanut butter) per day, have a lower risk of dying than people who...

    Keywords: Health tips, Vitamins, Vitamins, Peanuts

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    alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), health benefits of walnuts, wonder food walnut, Vitamins

    Wonder food Walnut 20 November 2013

    Eat walnuts everyday and adopt a health lifestyle for yourself as well as your family. Even a  handful will be great for your health. Some of the health benefits of walnuts are as follows. Packed with nutrition, walnuts provide protein,...

    Keywords: A and B, health lifestyle, health lifestyle, omega-3 fats

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    vitamin E, skin treatment, love your skin be beautiful, Vitamins

    Love your skin... be beautiful 05 February 2013

    We go for special treatments to enhance our beauty and take a extra effort to take care of our beauty. But are we taking the basic care required??? Here is that; You might be a working professional or a home...

    Keywords: skin type, vegetables, vitamin A, skin care

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    good diet plan, iron, are you concerned about your health, Vitamins

    Are you concerned about your health? 02 January 2013

    In today's World of Multi tasking and Women being looked upon as better multi taskers, it is quite natural that We end up having the negative effects of multi tasking as well... and that is the diseases we will be...

    Keywords: iron, health tips, morning walk, fitness

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    Odisha CM Navin Patnaik, Puri collector Naba Kumar, vitamin pills injures instead improving health, Vitamins

    Vitamin Pills Injures Instead Improving Health! 25 September 2013

    Vitamin pills are supposed to improve health making up the required vitamins in the body and balancing the deficiency in food intake if any.  But the tablets distributed to Children in Odisha proved otherwise. Vitamin tablets were distributed by the...

    Keywords: Puri District, Children Sick from Vitamins pills, Vitamin Tablets, Children Sick from Vitamins pills

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    dark spots news, dark spots articles, tips to treat dark spots on your body, Vitamins

    Tips to treat dark spots on your body 10 May 2021

    Tips to treat dark spots on your body:- Lakhs of people suffer with dark spots or dark circles on their bodies. Getting rid of such dark spots is quite difficult and this can also take a toll on the confidence...

    Keywords: dark spots tips, dark spots human body, dark spots treatment, dark spots news

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    healthy food, food items, what to eat, Vitamins

    What to eat??? 18 April 2013

    'What to eat?' this is the biggest question for us, everyday... who is not a foodie? It is just that the taste glands and mode of eating, the dishes cooked and the list of favorite dishes differs from you and...

    Keywords: regular dish, vegetables, vegetables, regular dish

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    micronutrients, regular headache, treat regular headaches naturally, Vitamins

    Treat regular headaches, naturally 18 December 2012

    Suffering with a regular headache??? Of course, this is a result of your life style and the kind of extra burden you take at work and home, relating to stress and therefore resulting in headache... there is a reason to...

    Keywords: stress, interest, pressure, stress

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    Microgreens latest, Microgreens latest, microgreens that should be taken to prevent major health issues, Vitamins

    Microgreens that should be taken to prevent major health issues 27 April 2021

    Microgreens that should be taken to prevent major health issues:- With the arrival of coronavirus, everyone is bothered about their health and are finding ways to get some healthy and nutritious food. Foods like mustard, broccoli, mustard, kale, turnip and...

    Keywords: Microgreens health benefits, Microgreens nutrients, Microgreens latest, Microgreens diseases prevented

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    magnesium, headache, for a happy period, Vitamins

    For a happy period... 06 December 2012

    Are you facing problems like bloating, fatigue, cramps, headache, digestive problems and mood swings before and during your menstrual cycle? Well, then the best way to get rid of all these is through a proper food intake during this time;...

    Keywords: protiens, protiens, fatique cramps, happy period

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    Mint Leaves bad, Mint Leaves good, seven health benefits of mint leaves, Vitamins

    Seven Health Benefits of Mint Leaves 01 March 2021

    Seven Health Benefits of Mint Leaves:- Mint leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals. The mint leaves are used in drinks and in curries. Mint leaves are the oldest herbs and they are rich in antioxidant properties. They offer several...

    Keywords: Mint Leaves advantages, Mint Leaves health benefits, Mint Leaves good, Mint Leaves latest news

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    Superfoods latest updates, Superfoods helps, superfoods that can reduce stress and anxiety, Vitamins

    Superfoods that can reduce stress and anxiety 27 May 2021

    Superfoods that can reduce stress and anxiety:- A healthy life means balancing a good diet, practicing yoga, meditation and others. Vitamins are a must to get glowing skin and other health benefits. The vitamins boost the immune system and it...

    Keywords: Superfoods for anxiety, Superfoods for anxiety, Superfoods, Superfoods latest updates

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    harmful vitamin supplements, vitamins causes cancer, vitamin supplements increase risk of cancer, Vitamins

    Vitamin supplements increase risk of cancer 21 April 2015

    Many take vitamins to stay fit and healthy but intake of them more than the recommended daily amount will increase the risk of cancer and heart disease by 20%, according to a new study. Tim Byers, a professor at the...

    Keywords: harmful vitamin supplements, disadvantages of vitamin supplements, how to control vitamin intake, how to control vitamin intake

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    fish, stress, easy ways to get rid of back pain, Vitamins

    Easy ways to get rid of back pain 22 February 2013

    Even for some time. Neglecting back pain will turn to be a biggest mistake. Instead let's follow some tips and attend back pain immediately for a peaceful life style; Do not sit stagnant for hours together at work place or...

    Keywords: easy ways to back pain, milk, vitamins for back pain, vitamins for back pain

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    skin rashes, skin rashes, rashes on face treat them from basic, Vitamins

    Rashes on face? Treat them from basic 09 January 2013

    Rashes on face and skin have n number of reasons of cropping up and being a hurdle for our beauty... it could be a food/water infection or as simple as a mosquito bite or any other skin problem... apart from...

    Keywords: creams and gel, skin rashes, creams and gel, health care

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    vitamins, importance of health, why you should live healthy, Vitamins

    Why you should live healthy? 15 April 2013

    If you are aware of a health problem, it is better to treat against the same for a active health. According to the recent research done by a famous American University, it is revealed with a active and healthy life...

    Keywords: being active, vitamins, health tips., healthy living

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