• Swiss Bank official news, Swiss Bank, swiss banks witness 50 rise in indian stash, Swiss bank

    Swiss Banks Witness 50% Rise In Indian Stash 29 June 2018

    Swiss Banks Witness 50% Rise In Indian Stash:- With Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing that he would bring back all the black money that has been shifted to international banks, the country has been completely focused Modi's steps. But...

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    Parliament sessions, HSBC bank, black money holders names to be public, Swiss bank

    Black money holders names to be public 27 November 2014

    With the opposition parties targeting the NDA government in the Parliament sessions over the Black Money issue, Finance minister Arun Jaitley said, among the 627 names that were given to the court, 250 account holders have accepted that they do...

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    Rs.800 Crores deposits in Swiss Banks, Hsbc Bank, it raids on hsbc swiss bank account holders, Swiss bank

    IT raids on HSBC Swiss Bank Account Holders 01 November 2011

    In a first of its kind crackdown against those stashing unaccounted wealth overseas, the income tax department has launched an offensive against politicians and industrials who had parked money in HSBC Bank, Geneva. Under pressure to act against black money...

    Keywords: HSBC, Hsbc Bank, money laundering, IT Raid

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    Government of India, Indian Black Money, no list from switzerland finance minister, Swiss bank

    No List From Switzerland- Finance Minister 23 June 2014

    The Finance Minister Arun Jaitely stated that no list has come from Switzerland Government showing the unaccounted monies India deposited in Swiss banks.  He said that the Government of India has to write to Switzerland for the information about those...

    Keywords: Indian Black Money, Government of India, Indian Black Money, Finance Minister Arun Jaitely

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    times of india literary carnival, Anil Ambani swiss bank account, and the ambani swiss bank a c numbers are, Swiss bank

    And the Ambani Swiss Bank a/c numbers are... 10 December 2012

      It is already known that Arvind Kejriwal, the founding member of Aam Aadmi party has alleged that the Ambanis had illegal accounts stashing several crores in Swiss Banks earlier but the RIL has refuted the facts as baseless allegations...

    Keywords: hsbc, aam aadmi party, reliance industries limited, hsbc

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    Swiss bank, NDA government, 60 more black money holders names, Swiss bank

    60 More Black Money Holders Names 09 February 2015

    The Union government will reveal about 60 Indians and entitles who have black money in foreign banks. The Income Tax has completed its probe against the black money account holders and the government has initiated the tax evasion prosecution, as...

    Keywords: Supreme Court, Special Investigation Team, Special Investigation Team, Supreme Court

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    sandip tandon, anu tandan, kejriwal fails to impress government it says nothing new, Swiss bank

    Kejriwal fails to impress Government; It says "Nothing New" 10 November 2012

    The allegations made by anti-corruption crusader Arvind Kejiral got dismissed by the Government. Reacting in a sharp manner it said that  no evidence has been given to substantiate them. "There is nothing new about the allegations. No evidence has been...

    Keywords: Arvind kejriwal, iac, iac, dubar

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    money laundering, federal department of finance, no more black money in swiss banks, Swiss bank

    No more black money in Swiss banks 17 December 2012

    Swiss Banks which used to be the safe haven for corrupt individuals' money, especially India among other nations, will no longer accept your black money. A new regulation, that was forced by the accusations from nations that it accepted corrupt...

    Keywords: black money, swiss government, federal department of finance, swiss banks

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    corruption, swiss bank, to the largest banana republic from switzerland with love, Swiss bank

    To the largest Banana Republic; From Switzerland with Love 10 November 2012

    It will blow your mind, it will make you jump out of your seat with a combined feeling of agony and astonishment. In the middle of the chaos related to the extreme corruption going on in the largest democracy of...

    Keywords: swiss bank statement, swiss bank statement, swiss bank statement, arvind kejriwal

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    Tax havens., Scams, black money epidemic plunders the nation, Swiss bank

    Black money, epidemic, plunders the nation 09 May 2012

    The epidemic that has plagued the country since independence is hoarding of money and predominantly in safe deposit lockers on distant lands. Addressing the issue as tenderly as possible the government plans a soft action plan against the hard core...

    Keywords: Tax havens., Epidemic, Plunder, Tax evasions

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    Indian clients, Swiss Bank, switzerland taking necessary action on black money issue, Swiss bank

    Switzerland taking necessary action on black money issue 26 May 2015

    Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) has initiated action in the case of black money deposited in the country. The names have been made public by Switzerland in its official gazette for being probed in their respective countries. Two Indian women...

    Keywords: Swiss Federal Tax Administration, Swiss Federal Tax Administration, Switzerland, Swiss Federal Tax Administration

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    NDA government, NDA government, supreme asks to reveal all names, Swiss bank

    Supreme asks to reveal all names 28 October 2014

    The Supreme Court of India has asked the Union government to reveal all the names of black money holders by tomorrow and criticised for being tactic in this issue. The Supreme seems also lost hope on the successive government in...

    Keywords: Supreme Court, NDA government, Black money, Supreme Court

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    SIT probe on black money, NDA Government, sit readying to work on swiss list, Swiss bank

    SIT Readying To Work On Swiss List 23 June 2014

    Justice MB Shah(Left), Senior advocate Ram Jethmalani(Right) The Special Investigation Team created by NDA Government as per the directions from the Supreme Court of India to investigate on black money headed by Justice MB Shah is all ready to use...

    Keywords: SIT probe on black money, Ram Jethmalani petitioner, Supreme Court investigation on black money, SIT probe

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    corruption, Swiss bank account, black money india serious says budget, Swiss bank

    Black money: India serious says budget 20 March 2012

    Budget sows seed for eradication!!! Believe it but it is a process and no way in the near offing, yes but true after 18 months of hibernation, the nation wakes up… Well the cat is out of the bag and...

    Keywords: Black Money, Swiss bank account, WIKiLeaks., budget 2012

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    Unnao Gold Hunt, Narendra Modi, modi takes a u turn, Swiss bank

    Modi Takes a U Turn? 21 October 2013

    Narendra Modi talked in praise of Sadhu Shoban Sarkar on whose behest the Archeological Survey of India took up the task of digging at the fort of Raja Ram Bux Singh in Unnao in Uttar Pradesh.  As the seer has...

    Keywords: Black Money in Swiss Banks, Raja Ram Bux Singh, Black Money in Swiss Banks, Raja Ram Bux Singh

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    withdraw, Andhra Pradesh, withdraw rs 1000 rs 500 notes chandrababu naidu, Swiss bank

    Withdraw Rs. 1000 & Rs. 500 Notes - Chandrababu Naidu 13 October 2016

    Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu talking on black money has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the letter, the Chief Minister urged Narendra Modi to withdraw all Rs.1,000 and Rs.500 notes. This will directly reduce...

    Keywords: notes, accounts, Black money, Narendra Modi

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    Don't Dig for Gold, Go for Our Money in Swiss Banks-Modi, don t dig for gold go for our money in swiss banks modi, Swiss bank

    Don't Dig for Gold, Go for Our Money in Swiss Banks-Modi 19 October 2013

    Chief Minister of Gujarat and BJP's PM Candidate for 2014 elections Narendra Modi objected the excavations Archeological Survey of India took up yesterday for searching for gold near the fort of Raja Ram Bux Singh in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh.  He...

    Keywords: Go for Our Money in Swiss Banks-Modi, Sadhu Shoban Sarkar, Go for Our Money in Swiss Banks-Modi, Narendra Modi

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    tax evasion, Indian black money, indians held 500 billion of black money says cbi, Swiss bank

    Indians held $ 500 billion of black money, says CBI 13 February 2012

    Indians formed the largest chunk of depositors in the world with stashing away illegal deposits of $ 500 billion in foreign banks, according to CBI director AP Singh. Speaking at the inauguration of first Interpol global programme on anti-corruption and...

    Keywords: Indian money in Swiss bank, Indian money in Swiss bank, black money of Indians abroad, tax evasion

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    Swiss Bank, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, black money holders names to be out, Swiss bank

    Black money holders names to be out! 27 October 2014

    The Union government will be revealing black money account holders to the Supreme Court of India today and Congress camp is quite worried as Finance Minister Arun Jaitley recently said, a former Congressmen is part of the list. As per...

    Keywords: Swiss Bank, BJP, Swiss Bank, Congress

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    sandip tandon, Arvind kejriwal, kejriwal s sensational latest expose, Swiss bank

    Kejriwal's sensational latest "expose" 09 November 2012

    The wait is over, the much anticipated latest expose by Arvind Kejriwal under the umbrella of India Against Corruption has been revealed. Today the issue is black money in the Swiss bank . Along with fellow members Prashant Bhusan and...

    Keywords: india against corruption, anil ambani, prashant bhusan, sandip tandon

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