Make Yoga, a mandatory

June 16, 2015 11:09
Make Yoga, a mandatory

‘Health is wealth’, though the quote is old, it is always and will continue to be applicable.

Following the trend is good as it helps us to be updated with the world. But it is good if we only limit it to the dress, studies, and any other modern trends, but not food.

Because, updating to other trends might not show great influence, but getting habituated to trendy foods would not be an exception to question the existence of a human being.

Do not substitute these foods with Trendy foods

“Eat green leafy vegetables for better eye sight,” again an old quote, but gold quote.

Idli is better than Pizza and Burger.

Think about coconut water, before tasting the Coke.


Love your body:

In the day to day busy schedules, we would be helpless in pulling out the time for concentrating on the health. But however busy we are, if the health is neglected, there would be no use of working hard. So, it is very much necessary to pull out the time for the health. Otherwise the days are going to tough for sure. 

You need not spend hours to perform the exercises. Walk at least an hour in a day.

If sitting hours together in office is mandatory, perform yoga at home regularly and be away from developing belly.


“Propose your partner, they might reject you, but propose your health, it kisses you.”

Believe in this trendy quote, and follow the above old quotes and leave away the trendy foods.

By Phani

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