Few effective tips to control Blood Pressure

April 06, 2022 18:46
Few effective tips to control Blood Pressure

Few effective tips to control Blood Pressure:- Hypertension is a form in which the blood pressure in the human body gets increased. Some of the common factors for blood pressure are Obesity, Genetics, health issues and an unhealthy diet. It is quite easy to put the blood pressure levels under control. A healthy diet and ample exercise on a regular basis can manage hypertension well. If it is difficult to stay active physically, you can practice yoga at home and it can also boost your physical health. Here are some yoga poses to control blood pressure:

Setu Bandhasana: Lie down on your yoga mat. Fold your legs and keep your knees up. Then keep your hand straight and slowly lift your hips. Hold the same position for 15 seconds and then get back to normal. Repeat the same.

Sishu asana: Sit straight on your yoga mat and fold your legs. Raise your hands and slowly bend them forward. Lower yourself and touch the ground. Then pull yourself and sit straight. Repeat the same for ten times.

Shavasana: Lay flat on the yoga mat. Relax your body. Start the process and do it to your head. Stay in the same position for 15 minutes.

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