Face is Index of Life Span?

November 09, 2013 12:45
Face is Index of Life Span?

There is a saying that face is the index of mind. The great poet Shakespeare said "Though men can cover crimes with bold, stern looks, poor women’s faces are their own faults' books".

But the scientists also say that a face indicates the health condition of a woman.

A study was conducted by Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands on 260 women reveals that the women with less wrinkles and appearance of a youthful face stand fewer chances of high BP and risk of heart problems.

Dr. David Gunn, senior scientist at Unilever says, "We found that the feature in the face that blood pressure was linked to was not skin wrinkles but likely what we term as the 'sag' in the face. The exciting thing is further investigations will enable exact pin-pointing of the feature in the face that signposts an individual's blood pressure".

Ageing from sun can be eliminated in the study by comparing the wrinkles in their upper inner arm.

Experts say that fists and un-fists in accordance to the mental feelings also leave mark which was must be the basis at the early stages to develop palmistry.  Doctors say that a wrinkle in fact is sag technically where the skin loses its elasticity after expanding and contracting a number of times.

A further study revealed that men and women belong to the families lived long have developed less wrinkles in their upper arms.  


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