Some of the common DIY Ingredients that will harm the skin

January 25, 2022 18:12
Some of the common DIY Ingredients that will harm the skin

Some of the common DIY Ingredients that will harm the skin:- Protecting the skin is quite important especially during the winters. Apart from visiting spas, saloons, or dermatologists, some of them have started to DIY to protect their skin. Some of them are trying scrubs, cleansers and face masks as they are pocket-friendly. They are only good as your food and they have to be avoided for topical application. Before making a DIY face mask, it is always important to know about the ingredients and how your skin reacts to them. Here are some of the ingredients that should be avoided:

Lemon causes more harm to the skin though it can be used in food and chats. Lemon is too acidic and makes your skin dry and brings rashes. The white sugar that is used at home should be avoided as the granules are big. They lead to inflammation and leads to tears and irritation. Cinnamon which is popularly called as dalchini is harmful if applied to the skin. This causes discoloration and leads to a burning sensation for the skin. Other spices like black pepper and nutmeg too should be avoided.

Apple cider vinegar will leave the face irritated and can also lead to burns. Coconut oil is highly comedogenic and leaves the face clogs for the skin pores. It also leads to acne. Coconut oil should be avoided to be used on the face and neck. It can be used for the scalp and other body parts. Applying toothpaste too will irritate the skin and baking soda too should be strictly avoided. Stop using Raw eggs in the skincare recipe and they can lead to bacterial infection named salmonella which is harmful and rare.

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