Love your skin... be beautiful

February 05, 2013 17:29
Love your skin... be beautiful

We go for special treatments to enhance our beauty and take a extra effort to take care of our beauty. But are we taking the basic care required??? Here is that;

You might be a working professional or a home maker; it is an illusion that your skin is not porn to dust and dryness if you are at home. Beauty care is essential according to your skin type and even according to the climate. Say, during winter it is essential to moisturize your skin at least twice a day. Similarly, in every season you need to wash your face at least 3 times a day with a mild face wash.

You might be a lip stick freak, but make sure you choose a branded lip stick that has the quality of moisturizing your lips as well. Apart from this, before going to bed, it is better to apply a lip balm, every day. You can also try the lips balms that are available in various colors. These will not only protect your lips but give them a shiny look.

A humidifier will help regain smoothness of the skin. In winters, the skin becomes drier, so a humidifier becomes necessary.

Have as much as water you can, irrespective of the season. This is the basic and best medicine to keep your skin away from any basic problems and even your body away from any common problems.

Your diet also affects the skin, especially the vitamins that you consume. You should eat vitamin-rich food items such as oats, avocado, other fruits and vegetables. Concentrate on vitamins A and E in proper amounts. Stay away from oily, greasy food as it can lead to the onset of pimples.

A proper sleep transforms a healthy you and makes your skin healthy as well. So, as we always consider this tip, get some proper rest everyday and be healthy...

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