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  • Kapu agitation, Pawan Kalyan about Kapus, i don t fight for a caste pawan kalyan, Kapu agitation

    I don’t fight for a caste - Pawan Kalyan 01 February 2016

    Janasena Chief, Pawan Kalyan spoke to the media upon the Kapu reservation quota issue. Opining that, he was deeply saddened with Kapu agitation issue, Pawan Kalyan said that, this is not the right way to fight for the rights. What...

    Keywords: AP political news, Pawan Kalyan about Kapus, Pawan Kalyan about Kapus, Pawan Kalyan

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    AP political news, YSRCP behind Kapu agitation, kapu agitation is ysrcp s strategy before elections, Kapu agitation

    Kapu agitation is YSRCP’s strategy, before elections! 01 February 2016

    Kapu agitation in the state is being considered as the YSRCP’s strategy, just before the GHMC elections. Digging the wells, for the oppositions, before the elections is not new in the Indian politics. Right from the beginning, be it statewide...

    Keywords: YSRCP behind Kapu agitation, Kapu, YSRCP behind Kapu agitation, Kapu

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    Dasari Narayana Rao, lunch meeting, dasari narayana rao holds lunch meeting at his residence, Kapu agitation

    Dasari Narayana Rao Holds Lunch Meeting at his Residence 30 August 2016

    Kapu leader Mudragada Padbhanabham along with Chiranjeevi, Pallam Raju, YCP leader Bocca Satyanarayana, Ambati Rambabu and other leaders met at Dasari Naryana Rao’s house on Tuesday. Dasari held a review meeting at his house regarding the Kapu issue. Andhra Pradesh...

    Keywords: Kapu agitation, Programes, Kapu agitation, lunch meeting

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    Petition Filed, Ravulapalem, mudragada to hold padayatra from ravulapalem petition filed at hc, Kapu agitation

    Mudragada to Hold Padayatra from Ravulapalem, Petition Filed at HC 15 November 2016

    In the latest update about Kapu agitation, Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham is planning for another agitation over Kapu reservations. In this regard, the leader will be starting Padayatra from tomorrow from Ravulapalem, which is regarded as the gateway of Godavari...

    Keywords: Kapu agitation, Ravulapalem, Mudragada Padmanabham, Kapu agitation

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    Kapu agitation in Tuni, Kapu agitation in Tuni, kapus burnt train pawan kalyan to react, Kapu agitation

    Kapus burnt train, Pawan Kalyan to react 01 February 2016

    Kapus community reservation movement took a violent turn yesterday, after the agitators set fire to the Ratnachal Express and two police stations including the Tuni Rural Police Station. Not stopping there, the attackers even attacked and beat up policemen in...

    Keywords: AP political news, Pawan Kalyan Kapu Tuni, AP political news, Kapu

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    Mudragada Padmanabham letter, Pawan Kalyan updates, mudragada s letter for pawan kalyan, Kapu agitation

    Mudragada’s Letter For Pawan Kalyan 01 August 2017

    Mudragada’s Letter For Pawan Kalyan:- Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has been creating ripples across the Telugu speaking states after he floated his own political party Janasena. He turned crucial during 2014 elections and even TDP Chief Chandra Babu Naidu thanked Pawan...

    Keywords: Pawan Kalyan, Pawan Kalyan updates, kapu agitation, Mudragada Padmanabham

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    Kapu agitation, Kapu, those 3 reddies behind kapu agitation, Kapu agitation

    Those 3 ‘Reddies’ behind Kapu agitation! 01 February 2016

    What are the reasons behind turning the Kapus agitation, this range of viral? Is it Chandrababu Naidu alone, who should be cornered or any other leaders too?Here is a short analysis on the above questions.  The heat of Kapus is not...

    Keywords: AP political news, Kapu agitation, AP political news, Kapu agitation

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    Kapu, Kapu, kapu agitation row railway police ignored police alerts, Kapu agitation

    Kapu agitation row: Railway police ignored police alerts 05 February 2016

    Andhra Pradesh police reportedly alerted Railway police on beforehand about Kapu Garjana, but the latter ignored them. According to sources, East Godavari police warned the railway department that the Kapu agitators may reach the railway tracks or stations to stage ‘Rasta...

    Keywords: Kapu, Kapu agitation in Tuni, Kapu, AP political news

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    Chandrababu Naidu, Hunger Strike, ap chief minister appeals padmanabham to stop hunger strike, Kapu agitation

    AP Chief Minister appeals Padmanabham to Stop Hunger Strike 09 June 2016

    Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has urged Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham to withdraw his Deeksha and co-operate with the government keeping in view the interests of the state.  Mudragada Padmanabham launched an indefinite hunger strike on Thursday seeking reservations to Kapu...

    Keywords: Mudragada Hunger Strike, Hunger Strike, Chandrababu Naidu, Hunger Strike

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    Mudragada Padmanabham letter, kapu agitation, pawan kalyan to take on mudragada, Kapu agitation

    Pawan Kalyan To Take On Mudragada 04 August 2017

    Pawan Kalyan To Take On Mudragada:- Powerstar Pawan Kalyan turned out to be a politician and he took enough time to make his entry into politics. He floated his own political party Janasena couple of years ago and he is...

    Keywords: Mudragada Padmanabham news, Mudragada Padmanabham news, Mudragada Padmanabham, Pawan Kalyan news

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    Kapu agitation, Kapu agitation, mudragada padmanabham announce indefinite hunger strike, Kapu agitation

    Mudragada Padmanabham Announce Indefinite Hunger Strike 09 June 2016

    To get justice for Farmer’s reservation, BC leader Mudragada Padmanabham has announced an indefinite hunger strike on Thursday. He even added that even if he gets arrested and put in jail, he will continue to do hunger strike till the decision...

    Keywords: hunger strike, hunger strike, Andhra Pradesh, announcement

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    AP political news, Chandrababu Naidu about Kapus, kapu it halts ap investments naidu, Kapu agitation

    Kapu: It halts AP investments- Naidu 01 February 2016

    Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu fired on the agitators, who burnt the public property.  Naidu said that the government is committed to what it said during the elections and would surely fulfill its promise by giving Kapus, reservation quota...

    Keywords: AP political news, Chandrababu Naidu about Kapus, Kapu agitation in AP, AP political news

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    AP  political news, Mudragada about Kapu agitation, cannot blame tdp completely kapu leader mudragada, Kapu agitation

    Cannot blame TDP completely - Kapu leader Mudragada 01 February 2016

    Kapu leader and former minister Mudragada Padmanabham spoke to the media, and expressed his version over the issue took place, taking stand from all the Kapus. Mudragada said that, they are not against any political party, and even not supporting...

    Keywords: Kapu, Kapu, Kapu, AP political news

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    Padmanbham, Padmanbham, mudragada padmanabham hospitalized condition said to be stable, Kapu agitation

    Mudragada Padmanabham Hospitalized, Condition said to be Stable 10 June 2016

    Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham who started his indefinite hunger strike on Thursday refused to take treatment at the government hospital in Rajahmundry.Padmanabham refused to take any treatment, though he was admitted to the hospital in the evening. However, the doctors admitted...

    Keywords: Kapu agitation, Kapu agitation, Padmanbham, hoospital

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    High Court, Kapu Agitation, cases filed against ap government in hc, Kapu agitation

    Cases Filed Against AP Government in HC 15 June 2016

    Several cases have been filed in High Court against AP government for not acting properly regarding the Kapu agitation.Chandu Janardhana Chandra Sekhar, founder chairman of the Akhila Bharatha Kapu Jagruthi Trust filed a writ petition. He complained that Mudragada Padmanabaham...

    Keywords: High Court, AP government, Case, Kapu Agitation

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    Andhra Pradesh, Kapu agitation, ap minister narayana talks on kapu issue, Kapu agitation

    AP Minister Narayana talks on Kapu Issue 10 June 2016

    In a live press conference, Andhra Pradesh Minister Narayana talks on Mudragada Padmanabham. He said that “if a person has to do hunger strike then he should do it outside of his house not inside. He is not doing it...

    Keywords: hunger strike, Narayana, Narayana, hunger strike

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