• Advanced Systems Laboratory, Advanced Systems Laboratory, drdo eyes self reliance, Drdo

    DRDO eyes self-reliance 02 March 2015

    Dr Tessy Thomas, Director of DRDO’s Advanced Systems Laboratory, while speaking at the 23rd Yelavarthy Nayudamma Memorial Award presentation ceremony said that the organisation is eyeing self-reliance by 2020 by establishing several manufacturing hubs, all the while illustrating its leadership...

    Keywords: Advanced Systems Laboratory, ISRO, Advanced Data Processing Research Institute, Advanced Systems Laboratory

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    Prithvi, perfect test., n capable agni i missile test successful, Drdo

    N-capable Agni-I missile test successful 13 July 2012

    The desi missile Agni-I which was nuclear capable, surface to surface missile was sucessfully tested from a military base in Odisha according to a defence official. Agni-I is capable of hitting the bull's eye from 700 kms away when loaded...

    Keywords: intermediate range ballistic missile, Odisha, n-capable, perfect test.

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    advanced chaff technology breaking news, advanced chaff technology for fighter jets, drdo s advanced chaff technology is an innovation, Drdo

    DRDO's Advanced Chaff Technology Is An Innovation 25 August 2021

    DRDO's Advanced Chaff Technology Is An Innovation:- On August 25th, DRDO revealed about the advanced chaff technology that can be used to safeguard the IAF's fighter jets. This can provide passive jamming against the infra-red and radar threats. DRDO collaborated...

    Keywords: advanced chaff technology, advanced chaff technology for fighter jets, advanced chaff technology for fighter jets, advanced chaff technology by DRDO

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    missiles, Agni V, 8000 km range missile to be developed, Drdo

    8000 km range missile to be developed? 24 May 2012

    Indian scientists are capable of producing missiles that can hit the target over 8000 kms? Yes, said the scientific advisor to the defense minister, V K Saraswat. He has also said that Agni V can be doubled up for shooting...

    Keywords: missiles, missiles, DRDO, Agni V

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    junior scientist, Ajaz Mirza, my son is a scientists not terrorist am mirza, Drdo

    My son is a scientists not terrorist: AM Mirza 31 August 2012

    At a press meet the police conducted on Thursday, they had announced that 10 youth were detained after they were allegedly involved in anti-national activities. A father of one of the accused had also turned out at the press meet...

    Keywords: Thursday, DRDO, Ajaz Mirza, terrorist

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    India-Israel Ties, India-Israel Ties, israel signs usd 2 billion deal with india to supply missile defence systems, Drdo

    Israel Signs USD 2 Billion Deal With India To Supply Missile Defence Systems 07 April 2017

    The state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries, yesterday said, Israel has entered into a USD 2 billion contract with India, to supply it with Missile Defence systems. The Aerospace industry, confirmed, that they have been awarded the contract for supplying advanced medium-range...

    Keywords: Joseph Weiss, IAI CEO, Joseph Weiss, Israel Aerospace Industries

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    missile defence system, advanced air defence missile, india successfully tests it s ballistic missile shield, Drdo

    India successfully tests it's ballistic missile shield 23 November 2012

    It's a good news for all the Indians, now India doesn't have to worry about any hostile ballistic missiles as DRDO has successfully tested indigenously developed  missile shield off the coast of Odisha. In the exercise, it test-fired a supersonic...

    Keywords: indian interceptor missile defence, indian missile shield, indian missile shield, wheeler island

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    technician jobs DRDO, CEPTAM, jobs 899 vacancies in drdo, Drdo

    JOBS: 899 vacancies in DRDO 21 September 2014

    Defence Research & Development Organization [DRDO] has circulated CEPTAM 7 recruitment 2014 and around 899 vacancies are likely to be filled with this. Centre for Personal Talent Management [CEPTAM] is a DRDO entry exam through which eligible candidates will be...

    Keywords: jobs DRDO, Defence Research & Development Organization, technician jobs DRDO, technician jobs DRDO

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    India tests Agni missile, Agni-IV, india tests new generation agni missile, Drdo

    India tests new-generation Agni missile 16 November 2011

    India on Tuesday successfully tested a new-generation Agni missile with a strike range of 3,500 km and souped-up "kill efficiency", prompting excited defence scientists to proclaim it would add "fantastic deterrence" to the country's nuclear weapons programme. The test of...

    Keywords: India tests Agni missile, ICBM, Agni-IV, ICBM

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    Agni-I missile, Army, nuclear capable agni 1 successfully test fired, Drdo

    Nuclear capable Agni -1 successfully test fired 01 December 2011

    India today successfully test fired its indigenously developed surface-to-surface nuclear capable Agni-1 ballistic missile from the Integrated Test Range at Wheeler Island off Odisha. The single staged missile, having a strike range of 700 km and powered by solid propellants,...

    Keywords: Agni-I missile, ndia Agni-I, Agni-I missile, test launch of Agni missile

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    , Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, indian american appointed as the head of darpa in us, Drdo

    Indian American appointed as the Head of DARPA in US 13 July 2012

    Arati Prabhakar has made India proud after she was appointed the head of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA. DARPA is American equivalent of DRDO in India, only differences being that the US counterpart is heavily funded with greater powers....

    Keywords: , Indian American, DARPA,

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    MBBS, anti-national, 11 men arrested for terror links sent to police custody for 14 days, Drdo

    11 men arrested for terror links sent to police custody for 14 days 31 August 2012

    In a relatively silent operation, 11 men were arrested in Karnataka after they were allegedly involved in anti-national activities and had terror links. They were taken to a magistrate court last night which had pronounced a 14 day custody with...

    Keywords: MBBS, anti-national, terror links., terror links.

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    scientists, scientists, kiran hails drdo scientists, Drdo

    Kiran hails DRDO scientists 19 April 2012

    The Andhra Pradesh chief minister, Kiran Kumar Reddy has congratulated the scientists of DRDO for successfully test firing Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Agni V. Kiran Kumar Reddy is currently in Delhi and extended his warm regards to scientists from there....

    Keywords: Kiran hails DRDO scientists, Agni V, chief minister, ICBM

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    Tejas, Tejas, how many more years to renovate drdo, Drdo

    How many more years to renovate DRDO? 13 August 2012

    DRDO's revamp had been touted since long and there is still no significant sign of the remodeling in the Defense Research and Development Organization. It also seems to have the same fate as the Tejas, the light combat aircraft which...

    Keywords: aircraft, aircraft, DRDO, DRDO

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    test fired, Agni 5, agni 5 successfully test fired, Drdo

    Agni-5 successfully test fired 19 April 2012

    India has successfully test fired its Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile off the Odisha Coast this morning.  Amidst a gathering of talent and intellect comprising scientists and other engineers who took part in the development of the missile, the 5000 kilometre range...

    Keywords: Agni 4, Agni 4, test fired, test fired

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    Agni 5, Agni 4, india test fires agni 5, Drdo

    India test fires Agni 5 18 April 2012

    India is going to test fire the 5000 kilometre range Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Agni 5 in Wheeler island off the Orissa coast. Briefing about the missile, DRDO chief V K Sarawat has said that various military officials and the...

    Keywords: Agni V missile, Agni 4, Agni 4, Agni V missile

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    coronavirus suit latest, coronavirus suit, hyderabad drdo develops body suit for coronavirus, Drdo

    Hyderabad DRDO Develops Body Suit For Coronavirus 30 March 2020

    Hyderabad DRDO Develops Body Suit For Coronavirus:- India's research and development organization DRDO developed a body suit to protect the doctors, health workers from the deadly coronavirus. The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) said that the body suit that...

    Keywords: coronavirus suit production, coronavirus suit, coronavirus suit news, coronavirus suit news

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    ITR, Odisha coast, prithvi ii test fired successfully, Drdo

    Prithvi II test fired successfully 25 August 2012

    India's indigenous ballistic missile, Prithvi II was successfully launched from Integrated Test Range off Odisha coast at Chandipur on Saturday. This trial was said to have conducted to ensure the effectiveness of the weapon in emergency. The defence sources said...

    Keywords: Chandipur, Integrated Test Range, Prithvi II, Odisha coast

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    Coronavirus, DRDO, drdo lab develops sanitizer to disinfect the phones, Drdo

    DRDO Lab Develops Sanitizer To Disinfect The Phones 11 May 2020

    DRDO Lab Develops Sanitizer To Disinfect The Phones:- The DRDO Lab based in Hyderabad developed a sanitizer that is contactless which is a cabinet called Defence Research Ultraviolet Sanitizer (DRUVS) which is designed to sanitize the mobile phones, laptops, iPads,...

    Keywords: DRDO, DRDO, DRDO, DRDO

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    DRDO, indian missile., india would flight sub sonic missile, Drdo

    India would flight sub-sonic missile... 25 January 2013

    India would flight test sub-sonic, medium range cruise missile Nirbhay, next month, a key defence official said on Friday. Moreover, Nirbhay is being developed by Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE), a Defence Research and Development Organisation lab based here, as told...

    Keywords: Nirbhay, Department of Defence, missile, indian missile.

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