Is it safe to drink water that is stored overnight?

March 02, 2022 17:49
Is it safe to drink water that is stored overnight?

Is it safe to drink water that is stored overnight?:- Many of us feel thirsty in the midnights and carry a bottle of water by our beside. There are debates if the water can be used which is left overnight which can be called stale water. The human body comprises of 70 percent of water and it is needed to drink water to maintain the temperature of the human body and detox it through urination, sweat and bowel movements. If the water is left without any cover in the night, its gets mixed with carbon dioxide. There would be no harmful effects but it slightly reduces the pH level of the water. The effect of reaction is quite minimal told the experts.

It is safe to consume such water that is left overnight. But for those who are ill or unhealthy, it is not sage and the person may catch another infection as his or her immunity would be quite low. The experts say that there would be no harm to the water if it is stored properly. Some of the experts said that the water may get contaminated if it is not stored properly as the environment is filled with dust particles. Some of them say that the stored water can turn smelly. Experts say that the water kept in closed spaces should be avoided. As per Ayurveda, the water should be stored in a copper vessel.

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