Six Ayurvedic Morning Rituals that will change your day

July 10, 2021 17:05
Six Ayurvedic Morning Rituals that will change your day

Six Ayurvedic morning rituals that will change your day:- Everyone has plans to start the day on a positive note. It is also very important to be healthy and happy in this modern world to stay away from stress and diseases. It also important to follow certain habits for a healthy life style. As per Ayurveda, here are six healthy morning habits that should be included in your daily routine to lead a healthy life. The summer mornings start on an early note. Here are the rituals that should be performed:


The toxins in the bladder, bowels and others will have accumulated over right and this clears the mouth, ears and nose.

Tongue Scraping:

Scrap the tongue gently and it will turn clean. Oil pulling can be done to get the tissues of the tongue in pink color which indicates the tissues called the mucosa.

Self Massage:

Self Massage for your body is essential with oil or dry body. This increases the blood circulation of the body and it prevents injuries.


Always exercise in the morning to stay fit, active and healthy. Any sort of exercise will keep your muscles engaged. Surya Namaskar is preferred and it keeps you healthy.

Breathe and Meditate:

Breath well so that all the toxins will be out. Practice some of the yoga asanas which are related to breathe and meditation. This keeps you healthy.

Herbal Tea:

Prefer plain tea, lemon tea, or ginger tea in the morning to clear the digestive toxins of your body. This would make a better start for the day.

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