Viral Video: A Shark swallows the camera of a Photographer

April 25, 2022 17:50
Viral Video: A Shark swallows the camera of a Photographer

Viral Video: A Shark swallows the camera of a Photographer:- Shark attacks are some of the dangers that are faced by humans when they are into the sea. The attacks by these predators are the major risk for the tourists and photographers. The experts have captured the visuals of sharks several times in the past by attacking their prey or by baring their jaws under the water. Euan Rannachan is a famous shark photographer and he managed to capture a shark in 2019 which was never seen by the world. Some of the captures from the past were used in Steven Spielberg's 1975 film Jaws. Euan Rannachan landed in a cage and he was just a feet away from a shark and he captured some of the finest visuals of the shark.

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There are hundreds of videos on social media about the brutal shark attacks. A viral video is now all over internet and a camera was his prey. Filmmaker and conservationist Zimy Da Kid shot for a documentary in the Maldives and the shark cornered him and took over his camera. The shark cramped on and swallowed the 360-degree camera. It was destroyed instantly and it went into the throat of the shark. The cameraman was able to capture the sharp teeth and the gills on the inner walls and the throat. The video showed the inner regions of the mouth of shark. The shark felt that it was not comfortable and threw out the camera.

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