Drinking too much Water can create Health Issues

July 05, 2021 17:41
Drinking too much Water can create Health Issues

Drinking too much Water can create Health Issues:- Drinking water is good for health but drinking excessive water is not good for health. This is confirmed as per a study which says that drinking excessive water leads to low blood sodium and several other health complications. This would lead to loss of the ability of the kidneys to the swelling of the brain and it even leads to coma or fits. Drinking excessive water may also lead to heart related complications and several other confusions. Always take the advice of an expert if you are struggling with thirst, urine frequency or any other issues related to the brain, kidney, liver and others. The habit of excessive drinking of water is called Psychogenic Polydipsia.

Psychogenic Polydipsia is caused in people with mental illness and it develops in three phases: polydipsia, polyuria and hyponatremia. This also leads to nausea, vomitings, coma and other heart related issues. The major risk factors due to Psychogenic Polydipsia are mental illness, anxiety among the middle aged women, developmental disability orders and others. It can be diagnosed through plasma osmolality, urine osmolality, urine sodium and serum sodium. Vasopressin test, plasma antidiuretic hormone and CXR should be conducted for the investigation of the seriousness of the disease.

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