Eat Healthy Food To Fight Coronavirus

September 05, 2020 18:41
Eat Healthy Food To Fight Coronavirus

Eat Healthy Food To Fight Coronavirus:- Healthy eating can boost up your immunity and can keep everyone away from coronavirus. Several nutritionists have been suggesting health plans and diets to be followed during this coronavirus pandemic time. The consumed food will have an impact on the ability of the human body to fight the diseases and recover from the infections. The national nutrition week is celebrated between September 1st and 7th in the country. There is no food that will cure coronavirus, a healthy diet and a physical activity will keep you away by building a strong immune system and battle coronavirus. It is through good nutrition, the human body can reduce the risk of ailments like hypertension, diabetes, heart-related diseases and obesity.

Several cancer related health issues too can be prevented by consuming healthy and nutritious food. A healthy diet for a newborn baby should have nutritious and safe food from six months to two years. Srilatha, Chief Clinical Nutritionist, Medicover Hospitals said that eating at regular intervals is having high energy levels. Nutrient-rich food adds health while processed and refined foods add empty calories. Adequate amounts of grains, vegetables, pulses, green leafy vegetables, fruits, milk products and others should be added. Moderate amount of non-veg food can keep you healthy. Grains and pulses provide macro nutrients like proteins and carbohydrates.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You can also add nuts to the daily food and it strengthens your immunity. Fluids like water, coconut water, lemon water, soups, buttermilk and others can keep you active and stay away from hydration. Take the right food to stay strong and healthy to fight against various diseases.

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