Seven ways to melt the Belly Fat naturally

July 16, 2021 16:48
Seven ways to melt the Belly Fat naturally

Seven ways to melt the belly fat naturally:- Losing weight is a tough one for many. The coronavirus pandemic restricted the people to their homes and most of them did not have enough of a physical exercise. The stubborn belly fat is around the abdomen. The belly fat can be controlled with some natural techniques. It completely depends on the right diet and exercise. Here are some of the tips:

Eat 50 percent of your daily calories for lunch. Eat less for dinner and it should be before 7 PM. Reduce the refined carbohydrates and stay away from sweets, food rich in oil and sweetened drinks.

Consume roasted fenugreek seeds or the fine powder with water in the morning with an empty stomach. Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight. Garcinia Cambogia fruit brings taste and improves the digestion. It also boosts the metabolism of the body and helps you to lose weight. Triphala eliminates the toxins from the body and keeps the digestive system active. Consume a teaspoon of Triphala powder with warm water after two hours of dinner.

Dry ginger powder is rich in thermogenic agents and they help you to burn the fat so easily. Consume water boiled with dried ginger powder on a regular basis so that it burns the excess fat. Add ginger to your daily diet and it helps in weight loss.

Brisk walk for 30 minutes by holding the core of your tummy will help you to lose the belly fat. Drink warm water when you are thirsty and it helps in weight loss.

Take enough time to chew the food and the digestion of carbohydrates starts in the mouth. Chewing helps you to break down the food in the mouth before it reaches the other digestive tract. It also helps in satiety hormone to stay alert when your stomach is full.

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