Take care of your health not just work

April 09, 2013 11:55
Take care of your health not just work

It is not just completing your daily work and office work on time, if you don't attend certain small issues, they would turn to be your biggest problems and hurdles for your good health. Want to know more? Read further;

When we are at our workplace, we are only concerned about how well we are working and how much our work is delivered on time. But we will definitely ignore the way we are sitting. We will either completely lie on our chair, backwards or do not take our chair's support for our back... we end up facing back pain at a major extent. This is the reason, it is advised for us to sit strait on the chair.

Just let your system's key board be close to you. The more far it is, you need to extend your hands to use it and will end up getting a shoulder pain, hands also paining. So, you need to give priority to your comfort level as well.

If you don't want your eyes to get tired, then let your computer screen be not far away rather too close to you. Set up your system in such a way that you need not lift up your head neither bow your head to see the computer. Let the system be very much in your eye contact.

So, it is the comfort that gives us right health over anything else.

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