Energetic from am to pm

March 22, 2013 13:06
Energetic from am to pm

If you want to work with the same energy levels all through the day or possess the same mind set, not reacting to the situations much, you need to keep a check on what you are eating;

Of course, it is a common practice that we have included fruit juices in our diet, but with these, includes vegetable juices as well. Beet root, keera, carrot juices have a potential to extract the unwanted from your body and keep you light and healthy. That's not all; taking these juices will increase the proper functioning of your digestive system.

We all love junk food, but let that be restricted to only once in a week that too in minimal quantities. The more light and healthy food you take the more active you will be. At the same time, do not restrict yourself from your favorite food, too much. You can always follow the practice of eating whatever you like, but eating the same in a less quantity. Best option, isn’t it?

Milk and milk products really make wonders for your good health... a cup of milk or curd or a glass of lassi or butter milk taken every day will keep you healthy and active. And it is completely a myth that these will increase the amount of fat in your body. Even you can understand a cup full of curd or milk should not make any difference in you gaining the weight.

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