Feel 'up' throughout the day...

June 05, 2012 11:30
Feel 'up' throughout the day...

'Very nice to listen and read, but difficult to put in practice... is this a ad or something to feel 'up' all the day?'  if you have thought something similar as soon as you had a glance at the title, here are some quick tips that can be tried out to keep up your energy levels throughout the day, irrespective of the situation you are in;

The secret to feeling more energized is to be active and get going. Incorporate exercise regimen into your daily schedule. Walking, swimming or just about any form of exercise that can keep you moving. In fact, jogging is an amazing way of burning calories and staying fit. If not any of these, just try and hit the gym or try biking. Most importantly any form of exercise is a must.

You need to check out your iron levels before you learn to feel more energized. Most of the times, it’s the low level of iron that decreases your energy levels. Fish, chicken, beans and eggs are certain foods that are rich in iron. You can also take iron supplement.

Aromatherapy is another way to feel more energized. Jasmine or peppermint essential oils are incredibly energizing. One of the best ways to use them is to add a few drops of any of these essential oils in your bathing water or you can just add a few drops in a bowl of warm water and leave it in your room. You can smell a hanky which is scented with these essential oils and try taking a whiff all through the day.

Your body needs complex carbohydrates in order to stay energized all through the day. So just eat complex carbohydrates like bagels, granola bars, pastas and whole wheat bread, which have complex carbohydrates. Your body breaks down these foods slowly and keeps you feeling energized throughout the day.

Dehydration is one of the main causes of fatigue.  Drinking lots and lots of water can keep you energized all through the day. Cut down on tea, coffee, sodas etc. You will not only notice huge difference in your energy levels but also on your overall performance. So drink and drink lots of water and keep your body well hydrated.

If you feel exhausted and drained out, reduce the amount of sugar intake from your diet. Candy, processed foods, chocolates are no good in boosting your energy levels. Your blood sugar level might increase temporarily but will soon get converted into insulin when your body breaks it down. As a result, you will feel more tired and exhausted like before.

While following healthy lifestyle and regular workouts isn’t helping much, you need to look into the root cause of the problem by consulting a doctor and deal with it accordingly.

Getting good sleep, eating healthy, following regular workouts and staying active is the secret behind staying energized all through the day. Nonetheless, you can try these tips to keep you feeling more energized.

These simple amendments in your life style and food intake could keep ‘up’ your energy levels throughout the day…

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