Health Care

June 08, 2013 15:10
Health Care

A number of tips are being given by many in taking care of physical health like Yoga, Naturopathy, walking, cycling, laughing, simple Ayurvedic tips using the normal ingredients of food available in the kitchen and many more.

What is health care?  Who will take care of the health?

You don't need to take care of health.  The physical body is so programmed that it takes care of its health.  What we have to do is only to refrain from interfering or worse than that, making hurdles in the health care that is being carried out by the physical body as one of its many assigned duties.  

Whatever we do in the name of health care is an external assistance.  

The physical body is just like a machine with sensors and intelligence.   It is given additional duties of growth to some extent, maintenance of the body parts and reproduction activity.  Physical body fails in maintaining its health on 3 occasions.

1. Overburdening the body parts with wrong type of food intake, over physical work, anxiety, mental stress, or insufficient movement to help blood circulation to effectively take place in the body.  

2. Accidents that make a deformity in the physical body either that is shown outward or only internal damage.

3. Ageing.  Like a machine a physical body also has a life span that varies the way one uses it.  

The way we take proper care of the machines, the physical bodies are to be taken regular care which is not a health care but to help the body to take care of itself.  A vehicle driven gently understanding its limitations give more life time to it.  That is not health care.  The care like the one taken by a mechanic is a health care program.  But such a program is part of the hardware program provided by the manufacturer in case of a physical body.  It is called self healing.  

For example a small wound or indigestion, cold or any other physical problem get healed up without any medicine if a person is healthy that means a physical body with sufficient energy to take care of the problems.  In fact a problem will not draw your attention until the energy level comes down.  As long as the body has adequate energy in it, it will simply go on its duty to scan the body, locate the problem and heal it.  That means a program of a doctor, nurse and a medical store is in the physical body itself.  Only thing that it may lack is energy.

For that, taking food that gives a good quantity of energy is needed and the story doesn’t end there.  You have to retain the energy too.  If you use the energies judiciously with a need to do policy, the energy will be retained.  If your habits are so, that it deflates the energy; whatever energetic food you take will not do any good.  

So, the habits of using physical body is to be checked to allow it heal itself.  The simple policy is to use energy to the extent you need.  Energy is meant for using it.  But do not misuse or abuse it so that the physical body system will be left with sufficient energy in the physical body to fulfill its designated services.  

That means you talk, think or respond to the extent they are barely needed.  Simply ask yourself whether a work either physical or mental is needed before doing it.  One can climb Mountain Everest or just sit at home to brood over a loss of something in one’s life.  It is up to the individual to decide.  But judge your actions as to their need.  

Saving helps income in getting rich.  If all money earned is spent, there will not be any balance left in case of emergency.  Same law applies in energy level too.  Too much of worrying, showy things or deeds to prove your worth or actions to impress others sometimes may not be necessary.  Just check it!  A cool and calm mind always makes you to judge whether an action proposed by the mind is necessary or not.

The ancient sages were called 'Shakti Sampanna' that means rich with energies.  Get rich with energies and that is the best health care you can take.  Medication for the loss by accident or by ageing works as long as the internal energy system helping self healing is intact.  Otherwise you will hear from the doctors that the body is not accepting the medicine administered.  External health care works only when internal system works.  So, enrich your internal health care mechanism by leaving enough energy level at its disposal.   Follow a ‘Need to do policy’.


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