Health Care-2

June 12, 2013 18:03
Health Care-2

We have learnt in the first part that the energy level in one's physical body keeps one healthy.  

Human beings can be categorized into four (Chaturvarna).   The description has nothing to do with the caste system observed in India in Chaturvarna principle that categorizes human beings by their birth.  For example a Brahmin is Brahmin by birth as it is followed in the caste system.  A Sudra can never become a Brahmin as per that system.  But the Chaturvarna described below is one according to which a Sudra can become a Brahmin and vice versa.

Let us take some examples for a better understanding of the Chaturvarnas from energy point of view.

Ex-1: A person enters a Railway Station with energy of 100 units.  And comes to know that the train he wants to travel in is running late by one hour.  He gets mad with the news.  He accuses and abuses everyone he can think of- from Prime Minister, Railway Minster down to the porter and sweeper in the Railway Station.  He talks to everyone around him complaining about the laziness of the persons concerned in the operation of the trains and so on.  Ultimately the trains comes and he gets into it.  

On measuring the energies left in him at the time of getting into the train, he was found left with 10 units.  He is a person who Consumed his Energies.

Ex-2: Another person enters the Railway Station with 100 units of energy, to catch the same train had to wait for one hour but he did not talk to anyone, did nothing and sat aloof till the train comes.  The person was found with 80 units of energies at the time he boarded the train.  He is a person who Conserved his Energies.

Ex-3: Another person enters in the similar situation as above pulls his laptop, completes some pending work, attends some important calls and completes some other pending works that can be done there.  He was found with 50 units of his energies left at the time of boarding the train.  He is a person who Utilized his Energies.  

Ex-4: A fourth one enters and on knowing that he has to wait for one hour sits at a place and meditates. At the time of boarding he was found with energies to the extent of 500 units.  He is a person who Accumulated his Energies.

Mostly persons are found as in Ex1 or Ex2.   Those persons will be either consuming the energies in their body or they will be conserving it.  

But it is suggested that one should be like in Ex3 or Ex4.  One should either utilize one’s energies if a task is pending to be attended to or one should work for increasing one’s energy level.  

The person in Ex1 is a Sudra, in Ex2 is a Vaisya, in Ex3 is a Kshatriya and in Ex4 is a Brahmin.  A Sudra can become a Brahmin by accumulating energies in a scientific manner.  A Brahmin may become a Sudra by abandoning the accumulating act and resorting to the ever consuming one.

As health of human beings depends on the internal energy levels, one can understand by the above examples broadly categorizing the human beings as to the way of dealing with the energies- consume, conserve, utilize or accumulate.


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