Ssome more reasons for your tiredness...

February 12, 2013 14:53
Ssome more reasons for your tiredness...

Recently, we spoke about the reasons that cause tiredness, irrespective of maintaining a healthy life style. Here are some more reasons to add upon the same;

Too much usage of cell phones will definitely cause tiredness. According to the survey done by a famous research team, at least 20 percent of us will get up with a message or an alarm stored at cell phone. This means, we keep our phones just beside us, while sleeping. The electromagnetic waves will for sure cause a disturbance to the sleep Harmon and because of this we do not get a proper sleep at night, will end up feeling tired during the entire day, after getting up.

May be because of stuck up with work or just forgetting, we don’t drink water for ours together. This will cause de hydration that will in turn cause tiredness in us.
That’s why corn flakes are considered to be the best breakfast option, having them with milk. This food contains a lot of Iron. You know, because of lack of Iron percentage in us, we tend to get tired easily.

No doubt exercise reduces tiredness and increases activeness in us. But, if done more than require, even exercise causes tiredness in us.
Keep a check on all the points mentioned above and get rid of tiredness the sooner you can.

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