Tired? But why?

February 07, 2013 12:48
Tired? But why?

Irrespective of healthy life style and proper diet, are you feeling tired by afternoon or when you end up completing even a smallest task? These might be the reasons;

Are you keeping poor sleep patterns? That is irregular timing and not taking proper rest or end up keeping your sleep pattern more than required and your bed not being proper all these and many more sleep patterns will make you feel tired during the entire day.

It is not just proper diet but regular exercise will also contribute for you to stay healthy and active… if your body does not burn the unwanted extra calories, then how will you stay active?

Have you put on some extra kilos? If not weight gain, have you gained some extra belly fat or over all body fat? Keep a check, as this can also lead to you feeling tired almost every time you are aware.

This might not be main but could be one of the reasons and this is limited to women only… generally, during the initial days after you have conceived you will feel tired very soon… well, this is a good news then.

Too much of coffee will not make you feel active instead end up feeling tired. To worsen your system more of coffee and tea can cause lack of sleep and you end up feeling tired the next day, because of lack of sleep.

If you sleep is incomplete and you frequently getting up during the nights will cause tiredness in you… so keep a check on your daily health for a active YOU.

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