Basic tips for a good health, over all

February 18, 2013 12:13
Basic tips for a good health, over all

We take care of our health, do everything to get a good health, but these basic tips if followed will for sure help us maintain a good health, naturally.

If possible reduce the intake of Coffee and have more tea. Tea has a quality of giving more health to us. If you finish off your work sooner and consider eating also like any other work, then no use. Eat slowly; swallowing every bite and let the required calories get into your body right. Irrespective of our career and life style, we are stressed out every day. Apart from getting a proper sleep, at least for 10 minutes a day, close your eyes and relax, this will help you a lot in reducing the basic tiredness and stress.

Don't forget to include a fruit in your breakfast every day. All the fruits have anti-oxidants that help you get good amount of energy. All the fruits are fat free, so you need not get worried about putting on weight as well. At least for 5 minutes on every morning, get the habit of practicing the inhale exhale exercise. This will for sure help you to kick start your day with lots of energy. May be because of your work and sitting hours together in front of the system or in one position will end up having back and neck pain for you. So, whenever you get some time or even while talking on phone, try walking for a while.

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