Seasonal water streams found on Mars

August 05, 2011 19:46
Seasonal water streams found on Mars

marsAstronomers, who established that there are frozen water deposits on the surface of the red planet Mars, have now found what they called the seasonal streams of liquid water flowing across its surface.

Prof. Lujendra Ojha and his colleague Dr Alfred McEwen, working at the University of Arizona in the US, have claimed that the analysis of the photos taken by the NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft showed finger-like features which may be flows of salty water spilling over the rims of craters. 

“If confirmed, the discovery could finally help establish whether life could be sustained on Mars,” they said in a brief statement. They said they were really baffled when they first saw those features but soon realized the features were different from slope streaks that had been observed before.

“These were highly seasonal and some of them had grown by more than 200 meters in a matter of just two Earth months,” said professor Jha, an Indian-born astronomer.

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