Meditate Everyday to Think Clearly

November 20, 2013 17:14
Meditate Everyday to Think Clearly

Modern world is fast paced, an age of instant connectivity. You are constantly connected to other people through cell phones, television and internet. In such a life there is hardly any time left for ourselves, when we can meditate and enjoy the beauty of silence.

We should all learn the ability to quieten the mind and relax our body. It's an art and skill that each one of us should develop. Everyone can meditate, all you need to do is sit quietly somewhere, preferably in the freshness of nature. Once you are comfortable settled focus on your breathing or try to remove everything from your mind (i.e. don't think of anything at all). Initially it's going to be difficult. It can be quite a boring exercise or almost impossible to think of nothing, but with practise you will perfect the art of meditation.

Post-meditation, you will feel light and clear-headed. It's a wonderful experience that cannot be described. For maximum gain from meditation, you need to practise it everyday for at least 20 minutes.

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