7 Tips to Separate Stress From You

June 17, 2015 11:07
7 Tips to Separate Stress From You

Whose days are not stressful? Who is that lucky one who crosses a day without stress? If such people are found, let me award a medal to them.
There is no such thing, which completely eliminates the stress, but there are definitely few tips, with which we can control it to some extent. Let us walk through it
1. Go for a walk.

With just like your partner, have an instant divorce with your chair in the office and move away from it, for at least 10 minutes. (Remember, more than the specified time is not a crime.)

This makes you see the different world other than your regular chair, desk and the Computer. Once you are physically away from the location, your mind will be able to decompress and reassess your situation.

Allows you to get some physical exercise, which allows you to release endorphins, get your blood pumping, which finally leads to the stress relieve. Now go inside and feel the difference. You would again start a relationship with your old partner, i.e. office chair, cancelling the divorce.
2. Eat a healthy snack.

We work to earn money; we earn money to eat (putting other priorities aside), but we do not eat properly as we are busy with the work. Thus the process is a cycle. So please puncture such cycle immediately.

A healthy snack would not only satisfy your hunger, but also helps in clearing your mind, release endorphins, and give you more energy to handle the day.

Foods high in protein or healthy fats, like nuts, avocados, and hard-boiled eggs, are great choices and of course, fruits and vegetables are never an exception. 
3. Practice mindfulness.

Meditation! wait, do not skip away the point, I am not going to give a lecture on it, as I very well know that, the day does not allow the people to perform it. But a slight modification in its style would make us willing, to go for it.
The modification is, ‘the art of thinking nothing’. However deep the meditation is, it would be a tough task to deal it without thinking anything. Try it, it will throw your worries would be a scrap very soon.

While performing it, close your eyes, the minute you get some thought, try to come out of it. Play the game, till you are out of all the thoughts and your mind becomes empty.

It might be difficult in the beginning, but definitely possible if tried a number of times. Go try it till you are an expert in it.

4. Turn off communications.
The ping of an incoming email or the ring of a phone is enough to conduct a race to your stress, where the victory in such race is a nightmare. So turn off all such things, at least for a few minutes.  In fact, that is the time where, you need to decompress from the exciting nature and reassess where you stand. In addition, it would give a distraction-free time, to solve a stressful problem of yours.

5. Talk to someone you love.

 Other than work, this might be the thing, which we do for sure. So the tip is for those who are innocent, decent and so called workaholic people. All these tags might give your boss, a pleasure in having you, but it is even important to concern about your pleasure too.  So start working on it and balance the pleasure between your boss and you.
6. Practice visualization.

This is an opposite version of mindfulness. If that is to think about nothing, this is to think about something that makes you happy.  Time and money might not permit you to go to beach, but imagination has no such boundaries. Imagine yourself being on a beach or playing your style of sport or any other thing, which awakes your other side, i.e., the fun. 

7. Take a moment to reorganize.

To clean your mind, it is important to clean or in fact minimize the things as per your requirement.

To put in clarity, be it in your office or at home, clean up your pile of paper clips, rearrange your papers, and throw away anything you don't need. This is a physical attempt.

Coming to mental attempt, write a list of everything you need to take action on and everything that's preoccupying your mind. The things that you don’t need, in the near future can be put, away from you.

If not all, at least choose any one of the trick, which suits your condition and act accordingly, the result can be noticed in a very short time. Though not completely and permanently, the tricks would minimize the stress at least for the day, so do not omit it.

By Phani

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