Are you being a right parent?

March 19, 2013 19:03
Are you being a right parent?

Is your kid is either busy on computer or studying because there is no other option to avoid or playing video games??? Is this the only life style or daily routine of your kids? Then there is reasons to worry… you are the one to inculcate the habit of healthy life style in your kid, so observe these behavioral traits in them;

If your kid is watching T.V. or will only be able to complete studying for that day when the T.V. is on then make sure this behavior in them has been inculcated only by you. Either you yourself are a T.V. buff or do not mind your kid watching T.V. and studying. Start reducing the time taken in watching T.V. first and ask your kid to concentrate on one job at a time, you yourself practice this and let your kid witness the same. Your kid will definitely change his/her behavioral trait soon.

Let not your kid choose watching T.V. or playing Video games as a stress buster… make them concentrate on playing games, spend time with you and share what all they have done or come across on that day. This way, you can build rapport with your kid and have a check on what your kid is doing and what situations they have come across on that day.

Playing video games might be a best option for kids. But this will definitely increase the amount of stress in them. As you are aware, anything in excess, of course stress is not advisable to any age group. So, be aware of this and keep a check on what your kid is doing and for how much time to ensure your kid’s happy childhood.

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