All About Scoliosis And How It Impacts Children

October 18, 2021 20:51
All About Scoliosis And How It Impacts Children

All About Scoliosis And How It Impacts Children:- Scoliosis is a spine problem and it impacts the children. This will lead to abnormal, sideways curvature or bend of the spine. If the child has uneven shoulders or hips or is an adolescent, consult a doctor immediately and get your child screened for the situation. Scoliosis is painless and it would not be noticed by the children or their parents generally. The cases of Scoliosis are growing more and more from the past few years. In most of the cases, it is mild and it can lead to deformity. When the normal vertical line of the spine is greater than 10 degrees, it leads to Scoliosis. Dr. Arjun Dhawale, Senior Spine Surgeon, Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital said that it can range from 3 percent to 0.3 percent for severe deformity.

When not approached the doctor, Scoliosis turns severe and leads to several complications in the future. A chronic back pain is a major problem for such children in their future. For those children who develop Scoliosis before the age of six will have a high risk of breathing difficulties in their later life. When there are uneven shoulders, the parents must pay attention and they should consult a doctor. Some of them have to undergo surgeries to get rid of Scoliosis. Parents should be attentive and they should not avoid or delay the treatment. The children with Scoliosis will face several challenges in the future if they are ignored during their early age.

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