Negative Emotions and Bad Mood Make on More Distrustful

October 28, 2019 16:42
Negative Emotions and Bad Mood Make on More Distrustful

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Negative Emotions and Bad Mood Make on More Distrustful:- A study says that negative emotions along with a bad mood make a person more distrustful. Negative emotions will sure reduce the trust one has in others and this has a huge impact on their daily routine. These even bring out a bad mood and lead to have nothing with the decision to trust. These negative emotions will have a huge influence on the behavior and the way we interact with others. Most of them can even lead to heated arguments. Researchers call these types of emotions "incidental" as they are triggered by the events that are unrelated.

In the study, a team of researchers investigated how this can influence the trust behavior among the people. To induce a prolonged state of negative effect, the team used the well-established threat-of-shock method. The participants are asked to play a trust game about the money to be invested in a stranger. It was found that the participants trusted less. The brain response of the participants too has been recorded through functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Temporoparietal Junction (TPJ) was widely implicated due to this. The connectivity between the TPJ and the amygdala was also significantly suppressed by the negative effects.

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