Simple, but life spoilers if ignored!

November 22, 2011 18:20
Simple, but life spoilers if ignored!

Yesterday itself, when we were talking about work life pressure and handling the same, I have reminded ‘Work is not life’. This would suit perfect in working out the marriage itself. Any relationship would require Love, Money and Time, as said by a popular T – Town Hero in a popular film. This is actually so true. If you are busy with your own work lives and restrict your relationship to weekends only, then forget about building that bond with your partner, that would not make you separate, despite of having a biggest issue, miss understanding or a quarrel.  So, first devote time to your partner and sort out all the issues.

‘Woman and Man are no different. Both are equally talented and can lead a life of equality. Neither Husband nor wife would have a right to dominate each other’ – this is it. There is a very minor difference in being independent and being egoistic. Once your ego starts dominating your mind, this will have an adverse effect even in your relationship with your partner. Whatever your partner would say, would appear as he/she is restricting you and you would not like the same at all. Why can’t we think, there is a dependency in any emotional relationship on one another, and that is the Mantra that would work on sustaining the relationship? What if your partner says you to come home earlier, wear certain clothes, monitors your career and thoughts some times? Instead you can also take the initiative and guide him. It is all about living together and not leading your own life without your partner’s interference.

Why Money does rules all the relationships? Simple, you let Money rule your life. Remember, your job, income, career and work should help in developing the family and to ensure the family run smooth and should not be the main aspect to destroy your family. Never compare your salary with your partner, neither his salary with others. Income always depends upon the amount of Job experience and many other things that have their own reasons.

Be it a love or arranged marriage, history says one of the main reason between the spilt of many married couples is their in – laws, be it your parents or his parents. There is no necessary to let the parents know any issue or disturbance between you and your partner. Just keep it to both of you. Just remember on working on your relationship and nothing else. Give your in – laws a left ear, if they say anything that hurts you. Learn to be intelligent yaa!

You are happy, frustrated, angry, pissed off with your work, want to relax and do nothing, and want to go out with your partner, buy something, fulfill a long term wish, not keen in planning for a baby right now, whatever it could be, just communicate the same to your partner. And pleaseee! Do not expect your partner to read your mind even before you not saying anything. Dude, yehsirffilmomeinhotahai!

Last but dhamaakedaar point. Dishonesty to your partner, be it whatever reason, could lead to a strained relationship. If you are dis honest to your partner, the same would be known by him at some day or the other and in many cases this is the end of the relationship, if not you will end up living in that guilt through your entire life that you are not loyal to your partner somewhere in your mind and this would fetch nothing to you or your partner. And yes, if you have learnt your mistake and want to be honest to your partner, please don’t even be so very honest to go and let him know about the past. Just delete everything in past and write a fresh true love story with your partner.


SunayanaVinay Kumar

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