Exercises To Do And Avoid During Pregnancy

October 18, 2021 21:05
Exercises To Do And Avoid During Pregnancy

Exercises To Do And Avoid During Pregnancy:- Pregnancy is not an easy task and journey for a woman and is the toughest phase. The growth and incubation of a life changes the body and a woman's perspective towards the world. Pregnant women have to be very careful with their body and health during this time. They should avoid exercising and stay active physically. It is recommended to spend 150 minutes through exercising in a week for a pregnant woman. There are some of the exercises which they should not attempt during this period. A woman should make adjustments as per their body and the body should not have over stress. Here are some of the exercises suggested for pregnant women:

Kneeling push ups: Put your knees on the mat and raise your lower leg at 45 degrees angle to the mat. Lower the upper body and put the strength on the hands and bring it back. Repeat the same 20 times.

Side-lying leg raises: Lie down on the mat and turn your side and rest your head on the arm for support. Keep the other hand on your waist and lift your leg sideways, bring it down.Repeat the same for 10 times. You can also change sides and repeat the steps.

Squats: Stand with your legs and put your shoulders apart. Bring the hands together and lower your body. Your hips should be parallel to the ground. Raise yourself and repeat the same for 15-20 times.

Here are some of the exercises that should be avoided during pregnancy:

Kickboxing, squash, basketball, horseback riding should not be attempted. Other high intensity exercises also should be avoided. Avoid pressure on your back. Water sports, climbing and hiking should be avoided completely.

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