Childhood Obesity linked to Mother's Diet during Pregnancy

March 01, 2021 17:26
Childhood Obesity linked to Mother's Diet during Pregnancy

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Childhood Obesity linked to Mother's Diet during Pregnancy:- A study from University College Dublin, Ireland said that the children of mothers who took a high-quality diet during pregnancy will have a low risk of obesity. They also will have a lower body fat levels. All these findings are published in the journal BMC Medicine. The author of the article Ling-Wei Chen revealed that childhood obesity may be carried on into adulthood. There is also a high risk of chronic diseases in these cases and there is a high risk of type 2 diabetes. The maternal diet will have an influence on pregnancy. The first two years is a critical period to prevent childhood obesity told Ling-Wei Chen. All those who are born to the mothers that had a low-quality diet during pregnancy may be more likely to obesity.

The maternal diet of the mothers are analyzed and the data is collected from 16,295 mother and child pairs in seven European countries Ireland, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Poland. Most of the mothers are aged 30 years and they had a healthy BMI. All the mothers revealed about the food that they took during pregnancy. The diet qualities are analyzed by the researchers. The BMI of the children are calculated in three phases of childhood: early, mid and late. All the mothers who took high-quality food had children with lower levels of fat-free body mass. This is found stronger in boys than in girls.

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