After all, it’s about being in shape!

November 15, 2011 19:13
After all, it’s about being in shape!

Mother Hood is definitely bliss for any Woman. The pre pregnancy time, those 9 long months during pregnancy, it is all about how healthy we eat, how good we eat and how that would be helpful to the overall growth of our child in our womb. And post pregnancy, all the time we would be only worrying about how to get rid of that fat we have inculcated in the every nerve of our body, during the pregnancy time. It is also said that, if we do not concentrate on reducing all those excess weight in first one year after our delivery, it would be a bit hard a task for us to concentrate on weight reduction program. So, let’s take a doctor’s advice and start working on a weight reduction program post pregnancy;

For us mere regular people who have to deal with families, jobs or the responsibilities of being a stay at home mom and new children, postpartum weight loss may not be so easy. While you might not have enjoyed dragging yourself to the gym throughout your pregnancy, you'll be happy that you did once you start trying to exercise after the pregnancy. 

So, when should you start working out again? Generally, it is recommended that women wait about six weeks to start exercising after they have given birth; eight weeks if they have had a cesarean. However, some women can start exercising before this. Listen to your body and wait until you feel ready. When you decide to start an exercise program, discuss it with your health care provider first. 

If you are breastfeeding, there are a few things you should keep in mind when you're exercising. First, make sure your breasts are well supported when you exercise. Some women may find that they need to wear two bras just to feel properly supported. Also, try to breastfeed your baby before you exercise. This will help you feel more comfortable since your breasts won't feel full. 

To make the most of your postnatal fitness, try to set up a routine that you can stick to. Establishing a schedule will help maintain regular workouts that fit into your everyday life. Also, try to workout at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes each time. If you are determined to lose your weight quickly, then exercise more often. However, never exercise to the point of exhaustion. If your body is telling you it's tired, stop exercising immediately. 

Well, this is all about how to go about post pregnancy weight reduction. Now, how to go about the same? what type of exercise would help us in getting in shape?
Will update you the same soon… for that stay updated to this page!

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