Your kind a skin!

October 20, 2011 20:19
Your kind a skin!

SkinCareWe take all the care for our skin to look the best, each minute. We use the best of products available. If we even have to go out in the dust and pollution, we take even more care. In the cosmetics we use, in the sun block, cleansing, pampering and toning, we take care each and every pore of our skin is clean. Yet, we encounter lot of problems like life less skin, dry skin, eruptions, dark circles, some times that last minute pimples, blemishes that make us even more impatient.

Despite of taking the best of skin care, why all these problems? What went wrong? Well, your food habits and daily routine playing the major role, the other reason could be you are treating your skin with such a products that are not meant for you. So, know your skin type first.

Here are some measures you can take for your skin type;

Fed up with that pale looking Dry Skin, you better;Massage a cream cleanser gently on the face. Wipe off with a wet cotton ball. This will clear sweat, dirt, bacteria and grease accumulated on the skin during the day without stealing the moisture. A special toner for dry skin should be applied to close your pores. Use a heavy moisturizing cream with Vitamin E to replenish and rejuvenate skin cells.

You know that you have got a Combination Skin? Then you should;Figure out the dry and oily areas. The dry area should be cleaned with a hydrating cream. The oily portion should be washed with a medicated soap. Scrub the oily area to remove dirt and black heads. A light skin toner made of rose water is effective for combination skin. Use moisturizer generously on the dry area and go light on the oily parts. Use an anti-pimple cream or lotion on eruptions after consulting a dermatologist.

If yours is an Oily Skin, then here is a mantra for you to retain that shine and do not look shabby. Clean the skin with a medicated or a non-alkaline soap to remove the film of dirt and oil. Use a scrub to gently remove dead cells, oil and dirt lodged in the pores. Scrubbing will also remove any debris left over. Apply a toner that heals and shrinks the pores. Use a water-based moisturiser to avoid making your skin oilier.

Now, why late? start pampering your skin in a right way!

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