Are you making these summer skin-care mistakes?

June 07, 2014 17:28
Are you making these summer skin-care mistakes?

Summer days naturally translate into lounging by the poolside for long hours soaking up some sun and quaffing down  lemonades and cool drinks to beat the heat. But watch out. Too much summer sun could also mean sunburns and tan lines. No matter how much SPF you slather on your skin and lips, here are a few seasonal skin-care errors that we all make unknowingly. We draw your attention to these summer skin-car mistakes and also tell you how to avoid them. Read on.

Mistake #1: Shaving before you step into the shower

We have to do a whole lot of leg, armpit, and bikini-line shaving during summer. But doing so after you get out of the shower than get in could make it easy for your to razor those stubbles. Ask how? That is because hair shaves better when wet and the skin is hydrated. So go for it.

Mistake #2: Rubbing yourself dry

Rubbing yourself hard after a shower can irritate your skin that can show when you are in that tiny sundress. Rather pat yourself dry to blot that water away and your skin will thank you.

Mistake #3: Using deodorant only in the a.m.

Applying deodrant in the a.m. isn't enough to keep you fresh and smelling good all day long. Make sure you spray some antiperspirant  before you hit the sack to keep body odor away.  In fact, antiperspirants have been shown to be more effective if you apply them in the evening. So spritz some at night.

Mistake #4: Not rinsing after a dip in the pool

A dunk in the pool is enough to beat the heat and day long of fatigue. But what you do after you get out of it is equally important to keep you feeling fresh and beautiful ahead. Even if  you don't do the whole shampoo, conditioner, body wash extravaganza right away, atleast ensure to rinse yourself with water after a dip. That is because the chlorine in pool water can dry and irritate your skin. So it's important to rinse that off post a swim.

(AW: Suchorita Choudhury)

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