Want your relationship to be beautiful?

February 06, 2013 10:37
Want your relationship to be beautiful?

Who does not want their relationship to be absolutely flawless and at any given point of time, just beautiful. But, you and your partner have to give that extra attention in order to make your relationship just perfect. Here are some quick tips for a beautiful relationship;

Never pin point the mistakes of your partner in front of others or when you are in a group with your partner. You might be a little upset with some personality trait, behavior of your partner… but if you start off like ‘he/she is like this, I have tried to change him/her a lot but of no use, it is because I am adjusting to his/her terms’… this is a big No No… just imagine how will you feel if your partner points out the mistakes in you in front of others… so, it is only you and your partner who make a loving relationship and don’t involve even the parents into these issues.

When was the last time you spoke to each other, about each other??? He speaking with you when you are cooking and busy with your own work or you speaking with him when he is either stuck to T.V. or busy on his laptop, does not mean talking to each other… you and your partner should be on a same pace and with same enthusiasm you both should share your thoughts… this act more often will enhance harmony amongst you both.

Some say, ‘No Sorry, No Thanks’ in a relationship… but many other experts say, if you appreciate your partner with a thank you when he/she has done something, helped you in any aspect and if you really feel your partner is hurt with your behavior, so apologize him/her, the bonding instead becomes stronger…

Work on these and make your relationship beautiful!

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