For your kid to be problem free

March 28, 2013 14:41
For your kid to be problem free

As a parent, you are very well aware of the likes and dislikes of your kid right from their daily routine to food habits to what they like to wear to in what atmosphere they are comfortable living in. similarly, it is important for you to know how would your kid react to the extreme situations and for what they are afraid off;

If your kid is afraid of going to school, dark room or area, dogs or any such things, just try them to come out of it… make then understand school is no jail. It is a place where you get to learn new things, just as new games at a play station. Dogs can definitely be our best friends and stress busters… you need to be okay with dogs and inculcate the same thought process in your kid as well. Morning and evening put together will complete a day. Night and darkness are no big deal and there is no reason to get worried of darkness… what if the power goes off and you need to live in dark for a while? The moonlight, stars brightness speak volumes about the beauty of darkness… if your kid is worried about sleeping alone in the room and darkness, you can motivate your kid in similar way and can see the difference in their thought process in accepting darkness as naturally as they welcome every morning within a very short while.

Just inculcate positivity in your kid right from their very childhood… don’t make your kid to be afraid of anything or anyone, if they don’t study, eat or not do work allotted to them properly… instead, encourage them to participate in every activity, make them feel food that cooked in home is equally yummy and help them to be well behaved and kids seeing whom other parents would envy…

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