Study says Communicating with Female Friends will Reduce Stress

July 01, 2021 15:36
Study says Communicating with Female Friends will Reduce Stress

Study says Communicating with Female Friends will Reduce Stress:- A research from the Beckman Institute of Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign said that communicating with a female friend decreases the stress for women across the life. The study is titled What are friends for? The impact of friendship on communicative efficiency and cortisol response during collaborative problem solving among younger and older women'. It is published in the Journal of Women and Aging. Be it a meeting or a discussion, women are more comfortable with women and this reduced stress hormone levels for them. The friendship and bond is the best among the two females. Michelle Rodrigues and Si On Yoon, the former Beckman Institute postdoctoral researchers evaluated about the interlocutors and the impact of their conversations.

They are reviewed and the stress responses are generated. Most of them said that the conversations between women reduced their stress levels. Michelle Rodrigues said that the women are the alternate mechanism for stress. Women of all ages tend to discuss and if the discussion is healthy, it turns out to be a great bond. This will not apply for older women. The approach includes both language processing and physiological measures. The impact of the communications are observed and their tendencies to befriend was calculated. 32 women are tested and 16 of them are older adults aged between 62 and 79. 16 are young adults who are aged between 18 and 25. Each participant was paired with a female friend or a stranger. A series of conversations are observed and it was observed that the younger adult pairs communicated well and more efficiently when compared to the older women.

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