• world bank cautioned about global warming wretchedness, world bank president, world bank cautioned about global warming wretchedness, Warm up

    World Bank cautioned about global warming wretchedness! 19 June 2013

    The World Bank on Wednesday gave a caution that severe deprivation from global warming could be experienced internally through a generation accompanying a new study detailing threatening to enumerate impacts in Africa and Asia. World Bank President Kim Jim Yong's...

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    global warming effects, global warming effects, what if global warming is neglected, Warm up

    What if ‘Global warming’ is neglected? 01 December 2015

    The scientists say that, “if mankind fails to curtail the global warming, we will have to deal with fallout ranging from massive refugee crises and submerged cities to scorching heatwaves and drought. Recently, 195 nations are huddled in Paris to...

    Keywords: Global warming, Global warming, Global warming, global warming effects

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    cuddling while watching movie, Warm hug, cuddle with love live the fantasy, Warm up

    Cuddle with love, live the fantasy 11 October 2013

    Romance is a feeling that we crave constantly. All couples feel the pressure to reinvent the chemistry with a new, spicier approach. Alas, the time and attention required to come up with such a plan is too less in this...

    Keywords: tips to reinvent chemistry, Warm hug, watching movie while cuddling, tips to reinvent chemistry

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    Telangana latest, Telangana, kcr challenges t congress receives a warm welcome, Warm up

    KCR Challenges T Congress: Receives a Warm Welcome 25 August 2016

    Telangana Chief Minister KCR received a warm welcome from the leaders and the activists across the state after he signed a contract with the Maharastra government regarding the Godavari river allocation. KCR signed three contracts in Mumbai and he returned...

    Keywords: Telangana news, Godavari contract, KCR news, KCR latest

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    Seemandhra protests, Bifurcation of State, creative protests keep samaikya warm, Warm up

    Creative Protests Keep Samaikya Warm 25 September 2013

    Seemandhra protesters are inventing different types of exhibitions to make the Samaikyandhra Movement interesting and warm.  Although it started with rallies, closure of the business and educational institutions, hunger strikes and food preparations on the roads, it took many turns...

    Keywords: Seemandhra protests, Bifurcation of State, Seemandhra protests, Creative Protests Samaikya Andhra

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    Boat race in Alappuzha, Allu Arjun Kerala news, allu arjun gets a warm welcome in kerala, Warm up

    Allu Arjun Gets A Warm Welcome In Kerala 10 November 2018

    Allu Arjun Gets A Warm Welcome In Kerala:- Stylish Star Allu Arjun is on a break and is preparing himself for his next film that would be directed by Trivikram Srinivas. The film will start rolling early next year and...

    Keywords: Allu Arjun news, Allu Arjun updates, Allu Arjun updates, Allu Arjun Kerala news

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    Abhinandan Varthaman spotted, Abhinandan Varthaman documents, abhinandan varthaman returns back to india receives warm welcome, Warm up

    Abhinandan Varthaman Returns Back To India: Receives Warm Welcome 01 March 2019

    Abhinandan Varthaman Returns Back To India: Receives Warm Welcome:- Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman has been captured by Pakistan Army couple of days ago. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan yesterday issued a statement about releasing Abhinandan Varthaman today....

    Keywords: Abhinandan Varthaman return, Abhinandan Varthaman return, Abhinandan Varthaman return, Abhinandan Varthaman pakistan

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    TANA celebrations, TANA celebrations, warm welcome to chiru at tana, Warm up

    Warm welcome to Chiru at TANA 25 May 2013

    A warm welcome waits at TANA celebrations for the Union Tourism Minister Chiranjeevi with a rally of 100 cars.  149 gold coins with Chiranjeevi's impression on it and with an inscription reading "Padmabhushan Kalaprapurna Mega Star Dr.Chiranjeevi" are made to...

    Keywords: gold coins with Chiranjeevi's impression, politics, politics, Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust

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    excessive usage of plastic, rain to disrupt normal life, after heat it is wind now, Warm up

    After heat it is wind now 29 May 2013

    After the heat waves it is the turn of the wind blowing and rain to disrupt normal life in the State. A huge tree in front of GHMC office in Hyderabad fell down due to wind and some two wheelers...

    Keywords: Deforestation, heat waves, Deforestation, sudden winds and rains

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    carbon emissions, east africa, india at jeopardy of flood, Warm up

    India at jeopardy of flood! 10 June 2013

    According to a research, due to the advancement of carbon emissions in parts of India, China, South-east Asia, East Africa along with the northern Andes would ensure them falling into a higher risk of extreme floods. Furthermore, the global warming...

    Keywords: china, greenhouse-gas, extreme floods, argentina

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    Ajit Pawar, Shiv Sena, ajit pawar gets a warm welcome in ncp mlas meet, Warm up

    Ajit Pawar gets a Warm Welcome in NCP MLAs Meet 27 November 2019

    Ajit Pawar gets a Warm Welcome in NCP MLAs Meet:- Devendra Fadnavis left Maharashtra in deep shock after he took oath as the new Chief Minister of the state. He took the support of NCP Leader Ajit Pawar to form...

    Keywords: Shiv Sena, Ajit Pawar news, NCP, Ajit Pawar updates

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    how to start a treadmill, how to use treadmill for weight loss, how to use a treadmill to lose weight, Warm up

    How to use a treadmill to lose weight 02 June 2017

    How to use a treadmill to lose weight:- Treadmill is a motorized device used for walking or running while staying at the same place on the equipment. Treadmills are dated back to harnessing human or animal power to complete tasks....

    Keywords: how to start a treadmill, how to use a treadmill, how to turn on a treadmill, how to use a treadmill

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    KCR, House Warming Ceremony, kcr shifts into his new bungalow at begumpet, Warm up

    KCR Shifts into his New Bungalow at Begumpet 24 November 2016

    Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao shifted to his new and fully-Vasthu residential bungalow at Begumpet on Thursday after house warming ceremony. The bungalow is spread over nearly nine acres of land. It is constructed at a cost of nearly...

    Keywords: Begumpet, Begumpet, KCR, Begumpet

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    Earth, Earth-warming carbon dioxide, world in new danger zone, Warm up

    World in "new danger zone" 13 May 2013

    Causing intense horror, UN climate chief Christiana Figueres said on Monday that the world has entered a "new danger zone" having a record level of Earth-warming carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. While furthering with the fact, she expressed in a...

    Keywords: global warming, US monitors, greenhouse gas, new danger zone

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    Met Department, Andhra Pradesh, hyderabad temperature to be warmer from next month, Warm up

    Hyderabad Temperature to be Warmer from Next Month 25 November 2016

    As winter sets in, the night temperatures in Hyderabad will be below 14ºC until November 30. But from December 1 to 10 the nights will be warmer and the temperature will be minimum 2ºC above normal.The Met Department also predicted...

    Keywords: Temperature, Hyderabad, Telangana, Hyderabad

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    birthday, birthday, how to behave at buffets, Warm up

    How to behave at Buffets 12 June 2015

    Now-a-days in all functions, whether it is a marriage, housewarming or birthday, the feast is always arranged as a buffet. Many get confused on how to indulge in the buffet system. Elder generation considers buffet as an insult where one...

    Keywords: Food, Buffet, housewarming, marriage

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    sleepiness, warms up body, importance of morning walk, Warm up

    Importance of Morning Walk 03 June 2013

    Morning walks are important during the winter seasons, because that's when our blood becomes thicker and walks help in increasing the rate of blood circulation and as a result, your body gets more oxygen. It warms up your body. Walking...

    Keywords: sleepiness, morning walk, warms up body, warms up body

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    Botsa Satyanarayana, Botsa Satyanarayana, warm welcome to president at hyderabad, Warm up

    Warm Welcome to President at Hyderabad 05 November 2013

    The President Pranab Mukherjee arrived Hyderabad on Monday was received by the Governor ESL Narasimhan and Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy with warm welcome.  Reception was arranged at the Begumpet airport where Congress leaders were introduced to the President.  They...

    Keywords: President arrives Hyderabad, Pranab Mukherjee, Pranab Mukherjee, Governor ESL Narasimhan

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    Himalaya the dog, Service dogs, big dog s loving gift to down s syndrome boy, Warm up

    Big dog's loving gift to Down's Syndrome boy 02 October 2013

    A boy born with Down's Syndrome in La Plata, Buenos Aires hates being touched. Down's syndrome is a condition that results in many developmental difficulties. In an extremely heart touching moment, a large Labrador dog managed to make this little...

    Keywords: Service dog videos, heartwarming dog videos, Herman Down's Syndrome, heartwarming dog videos

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    WMO, Uttarkhand floods, freaky weather not a coincidence, Warm up

    Freaky weather not a coincidence 04 July 2013

    After watching the appalling footage from Uttarkhand, a nation is plunged into gloom. Everyone hopes for the nightmare to end. But, a better attitude would be to plan the inevitable. It is known that heavy rainfall and floods would continue...

    Keywords: UN World Meteorological Organization, UN, Uttarkhand Natural Calamity, Changing weather

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