How to behave at Buffets

June 12, 2015 14:36
How to behave at Buffets

Now-a-days in all functions, whether it is a marriage, housewarming or birthday, the feast is always arranged as a buffet. Many get confused on how to indulge in the buffet system. Elder generation considers buffet as an insult where one has to go into every item along with the plate, just like begging. But the younger generation says that, buffet helps to avoid wastage of food and space management. Anyway, there are merits and demerits in both points of view. Buffets have become the trend of the time and we have to accept and adapt to the system. So, let’s see how to behave in buffets.

1. Non-vegetarian and vegetarian food will be arranged separately in a buffet, so decide which table to choose

2. Always try to know what are the items available, so that you can skip the items you are not interested.

3. Always be a part of the queue to avoid rush.

4. Remember, there may not be gender based queues on a buffet.

5. Do not try to squeeze into a queue by separating couples or groups.

6. Do not be in a hurry to take the items.

7. Do not get upset when your favourite item has exhausted.

8. Be patient and move along with the queue, even when you are not interested in the next item.

9. Never overload your dish. Going back for seconds or thirds is acceptable.

10. When you sit to eat, ensure you are not at the table of couples or groups unless and until they invite you. Join the table of singles

11. After finishing, do not keep the plate on the table itself. Keep it in the place where it is to be kept.

It is easy to follow the above tips to behave properly while indulging in a buffet. We have to change ourselves when the world changes as the time changes. Buffets are the trend of the day and we have to follow.

By Premji

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