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    Apple iPad Mini Review: Portable with Latest Technology 18 April 2019

    Apple iPad Mini Review: Portable with Latest Technology:- iPad Mini holds a special place in the hearts of Apple products lovers. The first generation iPad Mini was announced on October 23rd in the year 2012. Realizing the demand and love...

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    Launch, Assemble, apple ipad mini latest by 2012 end, Apple ipad

    Apple iPad mini latest by 2012 end 02 March 2012

    Going with the world, Apple the doyen of computer era is all set to grow thin and launch its much acclaimed iPad mini version, enthusiasts are waiting for the product. Especially in India consumer loyalty plays a firm foothold in...

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    tablet, cheaper tablets, ipad mini to hit shelves in october, Apple ipad

    iPad Mini to hit shelves in October? 03 October 2012

    We have all heard rumors about the smaller iPad preparing itself with the weapons and armor to take the tablets in the competition head on but never have we had a specific period during which it would make its presence....

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    iPad Air, 24 Karat Apple iPad Air 2, 24k gold ipad air 2, Apple ipad

    24K Gold iPad Air 2 22 November 2014

    Thanks to Vietnamese jeweler Karalux, now get Apple iPad Air 2 with a 24 Karat gold plated design which is priced at USD 1,173 [ Approx Rs 73,000]. Also the jewelers have plans to bring iPad Mini 3 in 24K...

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    Apple iPad, Apple iPad launch event, apple accidentally reveals new ipads, Apple ipad

    Apple 'accidentally' reveals new iPads 16 October 2014

    Just 24 hours to launch the new products, Apple accidentally revealed the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 in its iOS 8.1 iPad user guide (which users get within the iBooks app). As the news got spread like virus,...

    Keywords: iPhone 5s, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2, Apple iPad launch event

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    Apple iPad launch event, Apple iPad, apple to host ipad event, Apple ipad

    Apple to host iPad event 09 October 2014

    Technology giant Apple has announced the launch of latest edition of iPad on October 16th at its Cupertino California campus. Apple has sent the invitations to media house and said in the invitation card that “It's been way too long”...

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    cheaper iphone, Apple iPhone, cheaper iphone at 300, Apple ipad

    Cheaper iPhone at $300? 20 April 2013

    iPhone 5 has been a premium product that has failed to reach several of the fanboys due to the gouging prices leaving them desiring for a phone in their budget range. Rumors had been rife ever since the release of...

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    which tablet to buy, kindle fire hd, tablets that don t pinch your pockets, Apple ipad

    Tablets that don't pinch your pockets 01 December 2012

    With the number of tablets available in the market rising steadily day after day, the options you have are becoming wider and, better yet, cheaper. The premium products are however staying on top of the line with performance as well...

    Keywords: samsung tab 2, ainol novo 7 elf 2, ainol novo 7 elf 2, ainol novo 7 elf 2

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    BestBuy, iphone, 30 off on apple ipad 3, Apple ipad

    30% off on Apple iPad 3 05 April 2013

    BestBuy, the online retailer has started a highly awaited discount on the new Apple iPad 3 with retina display. Currently there is a 30% discount of the Apple's latest line up of the 10 inch tablets at the world's largest...

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    Samsung, , apple ipad mini has no rear camera, Apple ipad

    Apple iPad Mini has no rear-camera 07 August 2012

    Apple iPad Mini's leaked pictures suggested that the 7inch form factor of the most sought after tablet in the electronics world has no camera on the rear side. The picture of the new form factor which was initially opposed by...

    Keywords: Nexus 7, Samsung, Apple, Apple

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    Android Lime Pie, The new apple ipad, google s open playground 4 new gadgets, Apple ipad

    Google's open playground: 4 new gadgets 23 October 2012

    Google has long before sent an invite to the media to unveil their latest products. It also hinted that there would be more than one product saying that the "Playground was open". Search Engine giant Google, plans to launch at...

    Keywords: Nexus 7 3g, Samsung, Thanksgiving, LG

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    google LG Nexus google LG nexus 4., nexus 10, an overview of google nexus 10, Apple ipad

    An overview of Google Nexus 10 30 October 2012

    Google has made its position in the smartphone market stronger with another highly awaited Nexus phone from LG called the Google Nexus 4 which was released on Monday. However the open playground of Google had a lot more to offer...

    Keywords: google nexus 10, apple iPad, google nexus 4, Exynos

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    LTE ipad mini, LTE ipad mini, were those the new ipad mini lte, Apple ipad

    Were those the new iPad mini LTE? 01 December 2012

    At a planned heist in world's busiest airports, JKF, NY, a batch of 3,600 new Apple iPad Minis were stolen by two unknown people. The tablets were worth $ 1.5 million in all. Two men casually managed to walk to...

    Keywords: LTE ipad mini, jfk airport, new york post, new york post

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    , , microsoft surface is cheaper than apple ipad, Apple ipad

    Microsoft Surface is cheaper than Apple iPad 17 October 2012

    Microsoft plans to make its debut in the tablet segment big with the Surface by pricing it aggressively lower than the Apple iPad by almost a hundred dollars. The largest software company announced the Surface in June with a 32-gigabyte...

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    Samsung Galaxy note 8.0, ipad, samsung galaxy vs apple ipad mini, Apple ipad

    Samsung Galaxy vs Apple iPad Mini 25 February 2013

    Samsung Electronics is making its Galaxy Tablet line up stronger with new players into the segment. This time the target is the Apple iPad's Mini. This is Samsung's foray into the relatively untapped 8 inch form factor. On the paper,...

    Keywords: ipad mini, galaxy note 8.0. galaxy note s pen, samsung galaxy note 8.0 specifications, galaxy note 8.0. galaxy note s pen

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    LCd panel tablet, Aakash Sold out, the baap of tablets sold out till feb 2012, Apple ipad

    The Baap of Tablets `sold out’ till Feb. 2012 06 January 2012

    AAKASH TABLET or DATAWIND UBISLATE: Price: Rs.2,999: Specs: 7-inch resistive display; 366 MHz processor, in addition to Graphics Accelerator and HD Video Co-processor; 256 MB RAM; 2 GB Flash Memory with 2 GB Micro SD card, expandable to 32 GB;...

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    Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch SE, apple watch series 6 and se announced, Apple ipad

    Apple Watch Series 6 and SE Announced 16 September 2020

    Apple Watch Series 6 and SE Announced:- Apple's annual affair takes place in September every year during which a series of products are announced. This year it is a virtual press conference because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the...

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    new iPad, apple iPad, ipad goes thinner for fifth gen, Apple ipad

    iPad goes thinner for fifth gen 26 December 2012

    Cupertino Giant Apple has been the unrivaled leader in the tablet market until a few months ago but with increasing competition from Samsung amongst other players in the department, Apple is trying to up its game with a newer Fifth...

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    12 inches iPad, iPad sales, apple coming with bigger ipad, Apple ipad

    Apple coming with bigger iPad? 27 August 2014

    The California based, tech giant Apple is planning to come up with bigger iPad in terms of screen size and the production is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2015. Off late, iPad sales have not been that...

    Keywords: Bloomberg, iPhone 6, Apple iPad, Apple iPad

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    , Kindle fire HD, apple ipad mini a little more to show, Apple ipad

    Apple iPad Mini: A "little" more to show 17 October 2012

    Apple has invited the reporters mentioning that the show they started is not over yet. They taunted them saying, "We've got a little more to show you." However it has not hinted at the gadged they would be unveiling but...

    Keywords: , Kindle fire HD, Nexus 7, Nexus 7

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