Help your children grow tall with these fun exercises

July 21, 2014 17:17
Help your children grow tall with these fun exercises

Is your child's turtle-paced growth worrying you? Give your child that extra push with some simple exercises that will help them grow free and healthy. Here are a few exercises that you can encourage your young ones to do at home:

Hopping with one leg: This is one exercise which is simple, fun and can be done anywhere - while watching TV, playing in the park, or during school recess! Just ask your child to hop on his left leg eight times with  hands up pointing towards the sky and then repeat the same with the right leg.

Cat stretch: Ask your child to lie down on an exercise mat and slowly raise the midriff, with palm and toes resting on the floor, and body forming an arch like a mountain. Then, slowly glide down getting the chest towards the ground. In this position, your spine must remain arched, bum low, shoulders high and elbows straight, pelvic bone should touch the floor. Now reverse the position and glide out. To become a mountain again. Repeat several times.

Hang on: Help your child hang from a rod and stretch your body completely. Make sure the toes are pointed to the ground, stomach and buttocks sucked in tight and chin  is up.

(AW: Suchorita Choudhury)

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