Study Says That E-cigarettes Can Cause Blood Clotting

September 07, 2021 17:02
Study Says That E-cigarettes Can Cause Blood Clotting

Study Says That E-cigarettes Can Cause Blood Clotting:- There are several debates going on about E-cigarettes and some of the countries banned them. As per the research that is presented in the European Respiratory Society International Congress, E-cigarettes that had nicotine can cause the formation of the blood clots and will deteriorate the ability of the small blood vessels. They also can raise the heart rate along the blood pressure. These effects are similar to those who smoke the traditional and man-made cigarettes. This can also lead to a heart stroke told the study. The study has been presented by Gustaf Lyytinen, a clinician at Helsingborg Hospital and researcher at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

A detailed experiment was conducted on 22 men and women who are aged between 18 and 45 years. All these were occasional smokers and are healthy. The volunteers were tested before smoking and after taking 30 puffs from an e-cigarette that had nicotine. They are also tested after smoking e-cigarette that had no nicotine. These tests were conducted in a week's gap. The heart rate and the blood pressure are monitored and the blood samples are collected 15 minutes after use and then again 60 minutes after use.

The circulation of the blood through the tiny blood vessels are monitored. The research discovered an average of 23 percent increase in the blood clots. the heart rate too has been increased and so is the blood pressure among the people who took e-cigarettes that had nicotine. These effects were not observed among the volunteers who used e-cigarettes that did not have nicotine.

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