Red Kanji Will Help You Boost Your Immunity

March 26, 2020 18:19
Red Kanji Will Help You Boost Your Immunity

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Red Kanji Will Help You Boost Your Immunity:- Immunity is quite essential to fight against diseases. Immunity boosting food can help you make your body strong which takes a period of time. As per the changing seasons and requirements, it is always good to have a strong immune system to stand strong against the diseases. As per the recent study, red Kanji will help you boost up your immunity. Clinical nutritionist Lavleen Kaur explained about this through a video byte. Here are the highlights:

It is quite important to improve the immune system through simple lifestyle. Red Kanji will help everyone boost up the immune system. It is made with red carrots, beetroot, hing, mustard seeds and water. It should be consumed in limited quantities. This can be stored in a refrigerator for two weeks.

Here is the recipe:

Beetroot (half kg washed with 5ml vinegar)

Red carrots (half kg)

Water (8 cups)

Mustard powder (one and a half teaspoon)

Salt (one and a half teaspoon)

Red Chilli powder (one fourth teaspoon



Boil the water and cool it. Mix all the above ingredients in boiled water. The mixture should be kept in an air-tight container for two to four days.

How to use:

Red Kanji can be consumed from 100 ml to 150 ml in a day. It can cause sore throat, the intake should be limited. Black carrots too can be used as per the availability. Kanji is an acquired taste.

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